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To achieve the best WordPress SEO results you need to ensure that your on page SEO is as good as possible. This will minimise the number of backlinks that you need to get a good search engine ranking.

Although we are looking at best WordPress SEO here, there are a number of things that apply to all sites:

Keywords – the choice of keywords is critical to SEO. If you pick highly competitive keywords it will be very difficult, if not impossible, for a new site to rank against large established sites. This applies even if you get your on page SEO perfect!

Content – Produce good unique content which is optimised around a primary keyword per page or post. Remember that each page or post ranks individually and each is a landing page for your visitors. Make sure that the primary keyword is in the URL and the title as well as throughout the text.

Site Structure – Use a logical structure with internal linking which enables visitors to navigate the site. No page should be more than 2 clicks away from the home page. Use keywords as anchor text for internal links where possible. It helps if your site is tightly focused on a particular topic.

Avoid Bad Practices – Do not engage in any “Black Hat” SEO practices and do not associate with any sites that do so. This means that you must be very careful which sites you link out to, as linking to one of these sites makes you guilty by association. Having said that, you should have external links to relevant authority sites.

Turning to WordPress, to get best WordPress SEO having completed the installation you should:

* Select a theme designed with SEO in mind.
* Make sure that the Permalinks are set to include the title (“postname”) in the URL.
* Use a Plugin to generate a site map for the search engines.
* Install a general SEO plugin like “All In one SEO Pack”.
* Consider other SEO Plugins that may help.

Amongst other things, the All In One SEO Pack will avoid search engines seeing duplicate content on your site (which is bad) and give you control of the meta data for the home page and each page and post. You should write the meta description for each manually as this the text that appears on the search results and needs to attract visitors to click.

There are numerous other WordPress SEO Plugins available which can contribute something towards achieving best WordPress SEO but one I particularly like is SEOPressor. Unlike other plugins this one runs when you save a page or post and checks the on page SEO.

SEOPressor gives a percentage score and tells you what you need to do to improve it. It therefore directly helps achieve best WordPress SEO. It also acts as a training tool because on page SEO means remembering lots of little things and after you have corrected them a few times they start to become automatic. To learn more about SEOPressor Click Here.

Article source: http://seo.ezinemark.com/how-to-achieve-best-wordpress-seo-results-31bbf3fab9c.html.

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