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Plugins add extra functions, and convenience to your blog. They make your blog run easier and add power to your site. There are over 4,000 plugins available today, and each one help you customize your blog to your needs.

Below are my top favorite 7 plugins I recommend to anyone setting up a WordPress blog:

All In One SEO Pack – This is an out of the box SEO solution for your WordPress blog. This add things like a title page, keywords and description automatically to each post. Saving you a lot of time and effort. This is a very popular plugin in the blogosphere.

Broken Link Checker – One this which will hurt your search engine rankings is broken links. After a year or so of postings it almost guaranteed some links will be broken.

Duplicate Content Cure – Duplicate content is a worry for many people. Did you know one post shows up on several pages of your blog. It shows up on the main page, archives and categories. This plugin prevents Google from labeling this as duplicate content.

Google Sitemap Generator – Google likes to see a sitemap on all websites. This makes it brain dead simple to set one up on your blog. It also will update the sitemap automatically. leaving you time to do more productive things.

Share This – This plugin allows readers to easily social bookmark any post they are reading. This makes it easier for them to do this, and if it’s easier it’s more likely to be done.

Subscribe To Comments – When someone leaves a comment, they can be given the option to be notified when another comment is left. They will be able to keep up with the conversation, and return to respond.

It’s also nice for you because this is a nice way to get people to return to your blog.

WordPress Database Backup – This is a simple on-demand backup of your WordPress database. This is easy to setup and operate. You can back up your database just in case something ever happens. And the odds are pretty good something will… given enough time.

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Article source: http://blogging.ezinemark.com/how-to-blog-top-7-must-have-wordpress-blog-plugins-for-anyone-4ec79096566.html.

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