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Creating a mobile friendly website is not a hilarious, comical or slapstick charade rather is a well thought ingeniously crafted task, which is tactfully roped in new and emerging technology. To make mobile friendly wordpress site, you need people with high level of energies and excellent designing skills, also these people should follow highest standards of business ethics.
?Need to Make your Website Mobile Friendly
?In the light of eMarketer statistics, mobile usage and market double every year, to accommodate these needs you need to create mobile friendly WordPress site. Other reasons are demonstrated below
Visitors- According to certain statistics, in US smartphone users will accelerate from 90 million in 2011 to 107 million in 2012, eReader users from 33 million to 46 million and tablet users from 34 million to 55 million. The significant increase in numbers paves the way for mobile friendly WordPress site.
To increase the conversion rate- as Smartphone are scaling to new heights, hence ensuring proper use of technology is a trend that many website owners are adopting.
Exclusive Features- Today the web owners must be careful while dealing with their user who shows complete dependence on Smartphone. There are many distinguishing features that set mobile sites apart from desktop sites: navigation, loading speed, view (you can see a site in full width when in normal view). Last but not the least the content, which is presented in non cluttered way, creates great user experience.
How to create Mobile friendly WordPress Site
We are growing at a rapid pace, and to create established presence among users we need to plan, collaborate and implement mobile friendly version of WordPress site.

It is an art of projecting powerful image to create a great first impression. Majority of a blog owners have opened the doors by creating mobile friendly sites, but there are other blogs who are lagging behind. This article highlights on how to have infinite opportunities to take your business to next level.

1. ?Mobify
For- Iphone, Blackberry and Android
Mobify empowers the web owners to create user friendly, interactive GUI platform for smartphone and tablet websites.
? ?You can easily compute your potential mobile ROI
? ?You can create fast, responsive web experience for users
? ?It is best in case, you are running e-commerce store. Mobify has the Mobile Commerce platform, which specifically provide services to e-stores on mobile web.

Plans- It runs both on free version and paid version. The paid plans start at $ 249 per month and include exclusive features like mobile analytics, reporting of traffic stats and removal of Mobify logo.

2. ?MoFuse

For- Iphone, Blackberry and others
MoFuse is designed to incorporate an interactive user experience for users, supported by host of features like
Form Builder
Mobile Analytics
M Commerce
Google Tools
Mobile Advertising
Store Locator
Design Tools
RSS Feeds

It is an integrated platform, where you get volumes of discounts. The free version does not provide you generous services, but they really do hard work to optimize your site.

3. ?Wordpress Mobile Edition

For- Android, Blackberry, Motorola, Nokia and Verizon

MobilePress is a free plugin to create customized mobile themes for WordPress sites. It can track your Mobile Stats and serve ads at The major USP of this tool is it is SEO enabled, which means Google, Yahoo, MSN can easily detect your site.

4. ?WP Touch

For- Android, Blackberry, Nokia and iPhone
It helps you to mobilize WordPress on your blog. It incorporates mobile switcher to select widgets, plugins, themes, device adaptation and mobile administration panel, which allows users to edit the site according to their whims and wishes. A barcode widget is also available that can help you in bookmarking of your sites.

5. ?WPTap
For-iPhone, iPod Touch, Android and blackberry
It provides fully featured video solutions to a smartphone user. What sets them apart is
? ?Customized superb themes developed by top notch designers
? ?They provide unparalleled service to user and to cater to your information and servicing needs, you can contact their technical team.
? ?The design theme is specifically superb for iPhone and Safari browser
? ?It has full wordpress features like login, categories, tags, archives

6. ?WP TouchPro
For-iphone, Blackberry, iPad, Android and Samsung
It is a powerful and perfect for blogging on mobile platform. It has easy to use organized controls and customized themes, which will render you to handle various complex issues easily and conveniently.

? ?It has 200+ great features to make you speechless.
? ?Easy to use admin panel
? ?Free upgrades are available
? ?You can easily enable/disable display options according to your requirements
? ?With WPTouch Pro, you can customize the themes easily.

7. ?MobilePress
For- iphone, Opera Mini and Windows
MobilePress is outstanding WordPress plugin to deal thoroughly and fairly with requests across a broad range of users. It easily detects the list of mobile browsers. Nonetheless, it also allows you to create significant and relevant themes for your customers.
8. ?iWebKit

For-iPhone/iPod users
It is the simplest apps that can be used by anyone. Also, it has ability to communicate and interact effectively with users.

Thus, creating a mobile friendly wordpress site is practical and tangible action plan to lure your visitors.


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