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Getting your website initials right makes your website grow in right direction. Listed below are some important considerations while creating a new Joomla website from scratch. ?

Check Website Preliminaries ? Though Joomla CMS is very simple and upbeat technology, yet starting with a website from beginning requires following considerations. ?

1. Explain your requirement – Every project starts with a vision. Executing that vision through website requires your effort too. Being a client, explain all your requirements to developers in detail. This will help them get an exact idea of what you want.

2. Identify The Budget ? there can be bigger, fancier and extravagant things which can be implemented. But planning should be done according to the budget. ?

3. What Services you provide ? For striking a right Joomla web design, it important to understand what service you provide. Once identified things like content, graphics and designs can be planned smoothly.

4.Review developers plan ? After these initial meetings are over, team of joomla web developers will have a plan for website. Review it proactively, comment, suggest and ask questions.? If you think the plan require improvement then suggest it right away.? ?

5.Kept constant check ? After the plan is finalized keep a close check on the progress of the website. ?

6.Joomla Web Developers ? An important prerequisite before you get a Joomla website started is hiring right team of developers. ?

Focus on Joomla Web Design ? It is important to have correct website design that reflects your business or service.

This can be achieved by contemplating; ?

1. Graphics and Branding ? Select design that will portray right mix of graphics and brand for your website.
2. Content Placement ? Content fuels you website value dramatically. Therefore deciding how to strategically place it, to gain maximum gain is important. A lot of which depends upon the design of the website.
3. Scope for SEO?Search engine optimization adds value to your website in regards to the search engine visibility. It is popular consideration these days and is imperative to checklist SEO factors for Joomla web design before finalizing a design.? ?
4. Importance for UX ? The entire look and feel of your website is essential aspect to keep you visitors hooked. A sloppy and unplanned navigation is frustrating for users. Expert advice from professional Joomla web developers should be taken to optimize it the best way.? ?

Beefing-Up The Security – A website is always vulnerable to hacking and getting infected with virus, spyware etc. It not only becomes dangerous for your business, but puts your customers at risk. This makes securing Joomla website completely. Consider following points for the same:- ?

1. Ensure your project is associated with Joomla web developers and technical support team who are vigilant about security.
2. Follow latest trends, vulnerabilities and Joomla development.? ?
3. Keep your web applications, antivirus and websites upto date.
4. Tools like SecureLive help monitor real time for any threats.
5. Make website security an important element in your priority list.

William J Smith is an open source technology expert with rich product knowledge on systems such as Joomla CMS and joomla development services. He is also a specialized consultant and software configuration professional, with approximately 2 years of experience in the same field.

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