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Many small business owners have been hearing the buzz about WordPress, the popular open source publishing system that allows people with little technical knowledge to publish blogs on the web and manage them without any developer help. Setting up WordPress, however, can be a bit daunting if you have no technical background, so if you are interested in getting your own website going you might want to think about how to hire a WordPress expert to get you started. There are many WordPress experts out there, so here are some tips for sorting through the choices.

List of requirements

Start by making a list of your site requirements before you even talk to any experts about WordPress, because this will enable them to give you immediate feedback on what it will take to build your site and how much it will cost. Most basic websites have a main navigation menu leading to at least a handful of primary site pages, so start by thinking about what these primary pages should be. Examples are: Home, About Us, Contact Us, Our Products, and Blog. Any WordPress developer should be able to give you a quick estimate for making a basic site with those pages.?

Site structure

Every site has what they call a “site architecture”, meaning that if you were to draw the pages of the site along with their links, you’d see a natural flow from the homepage to the main site pages, and links from those pages down to more specific pages that may have products or content on narrower topics. If you are thinking about your first site, it helps to draw up this diagram starting with your home page and main navigation pages, and develop a sense of how many sub pages you will need underneath each of the main navigation pages.

Try to come up with a number of pages that will be the minimum for your site, as this will give your prospective developer some parameters to begin costing out your project.?


Many sites can be created by using a simple template, and in Word press one of the great features is that there are literally hundreds of completely free templates available to use in building your site. A developer who is starting from a given template and just setting you up with content that you will provide, should not charge too much, because this is not very much work. However, if you need your site to be branded with custom artwork that is not available from a template, that is where increased costs will start to add up. If you are a business, and you already have artwork, logos, and images that can be used for a website, provide these to any developers you are seeking a quote from so they can assess how easy or hard it will be to incorporate those images.

Be Wary

WordPress is a fantastic platform that provides many options for development, and is incredibly easy to manage once the site is set up. If you begin contacting developers for quotes, just make sure you have done some thinking and some diagrams about what you want, and what kind of functionality the site requires. If you need a shopping cart, blog, photo gallery, or other popular features, ask your developer if they know how to easily incorporate these features into your site by the use of WordPress plug-ins. Plug-ins are a great way to avoid massive development costs because they allow the Word press user to pull in tremendous functionality with the click of a mouse. Be wary of any who tells you that it’s going to take weeks of work to add a shopping cart to your site with WordPress.

How to Hire a WordPress Expert Now

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