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1. Sign in to your Joomla adminstration panel.Go to components above in your panel and scroll down until you come to Contacts and choose Categories from the dropdown menu.

2. All that you realy need to do here is to fill in the Title as lets say Web Administrator, and just copy and paste this into the editor.Leave everything else as it is and click on save.

3. Go to components above in your control panel again, and scroll down to contacts, and this time choose Contacts from the dropdown menu.

4. UNDER DETAILS : Just fill out your name.
UNDER INFORMATION : CONTACT POSITION = Just fill in Website Administrator
UNDER EMAIL : Just fill in your system email address, which should also be your hosting email address.Fill out all the other relevant information on the left hand side also, but don’t worry because you can change this data at any time in the future.All we want here is a functional contact us form.

5.On the right hand side of this page you will see :
Just fill this out as best you can in terms of what you want the user to see.The default parameters in fact will work nicely here, so don’t change anything here.You can also change anything here later if need be.So no worries.
ADVANCED PARAMETERS : Choose Icons from the dropdown menu and find the right icon for (1) Address icon (2) Email icon (3) Telephone icon (4) Mobile icon (5) Fax icon.To find the right icon for each just look for them in the dropdown menu.
EMAIL PARAMETERS : Just leave all these as they are, but do make sure that EMAIL FORM is ticked as SHOW.

6.Now go to MENU in your control panel and select NEW.Go to contacts and choose STANDARD CONTACTS LAYOUT.The TITLE should be filled out as contact us and leave all the other default values as they are on the left hand side of the page.

6.On the right hand side of the page you will see :
PARAMETERS BASIC – SELECT CONTACT You will now already see your created contact, so select it.Leave all other parameters as they are and then just click on save and your done.You will now see your menu item and contact us form on your website.

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