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What would you be able to do with an almost unstoppable flow of free traffic to your blog every single day, without you having to slave away at social media, email marketing, article marketing and all that other SEO stuff that is just a huge time suck. If this describes you then read on..

Optimisation of a blog for the search engines is a tricky operation especially when the very versatility of Word Press can work against you. So what if I showed you just one simple Word Press plugin that could take care of all the chores that have in the past taken hours, days, weeks if not years of tweaks and tests to get right. This software is so powerful it should come with a warning!

Please allow me to introduce Jeff Johnson’s Traffic Getting SEO plugin

You know it’s serious when the creator trade marks the name, that’s what Jeff has done with this plugin.

Now this is version 2, which means its a tried and tested piece of software that has evolved over time and takes into account the necessary changes that keeps it current for the eggheads that improve the “Science behind the search” at Google and Yahoo. However because this version is free it is only optimised to about 80% because Jeff has a professional version which is only available to his high end clients who paid big money to get access to that version.

This plugin was created by Jeff Johnson’s training laboratory, and this gentleman is a powerhouse in the Internet Marketing arena who usually charges anywhere from $ 5000 and up for his very personal mentoring programs.

When the doors open on these programs people scramble to get in and are willing to pay to do so. What that means is that anything Jeff Johnson pushes out from his training Laboratory for FREE is worth taking very very seriously.

So what does this very special plugin actually do?

In essence this plugin is designed to optimize your blog for more traffic, more leads, and ultimately to make you more money.

This software will assist you with installing a collection of Jeff’s personally recommended word press plugins that will update your blog for Search Engine Optimisation. Once you’ve installed and activated it, you go to the settings page, enter some basic details and click one button to totally optimise and automatically configure each individual plugin with a set of Jeff’s recommended search engine optimized settings.

Now these tweaks are by no means haphazard or sloppy, these tweaks are supported by years of tracking and testing that Jeff has made to optimise his entire blog empire. Jeff has also produced millionaires galore from his coaching programs and this plugins big brother is one reason people are prepared to pay large to get into those programs. It really is that good.

So if you are even remotely serious about your blog and you absolutely should be, you would be, well, STUPID to not go grab a copy right now.

In order to get your free copy go to my blog using the link below in the resources section and watch the video I have made to demonstrate this plugin live on that blog site. Then below the video is a link to the plugin sign up page.

Now lets be clear here you have to sign up to Jeff Johnson’s email list to get your copy of this very powerful tool. Its worth your email address and the 30 seconds of your time to do. Once you have signed up you will receive an email with your access instructions.

Once you have downloaded the plugin, activated and configured it for your blog, go and arm your blog statistics because you will see changes within a matter of days.

That’s it your done.

This plugin is in my opinion a simple decision for anyone serious about traffic generation and their financial survival online.

Kevin is a former Nuclear Submarine engineer who once worked 20+ hour days protecting the world from Nuclear Armageddon. Now retired from the military Kevin has found both spare time and a new passion in on line marketing.

Article source: http://blogging.ezinemark.com/how-to-use-one-free-wordpress-plugin-and-optimise-your-blog-for-traffic-and-seo-4f4bb0da76a.html.

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