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To create a new Optimized page do the following.

Once you have a piece of content you wish to add to your site, analyse the content using advice elsewhere to ascertain which keyword or keyword phrase you are going to apply to this content. then log in to your joomla administrators account.

1 Click in the Top Menu: ‘Content’ – ‘All Content Items’

2?Top right of the page Click : ‘New’

3?In the title box use the keyword.

4?Select the Section

5?Select the Category.

6 Start typing the article or cut and paste the article you have already prepared. Make sure you start with the same title as in 3, then highlight it and select ‘Heading 1’. This has the effect of applying the heading1 tag to your title.

7?Start the first paragraph with the same phrase or as closely as possible.

8?Write the article with between 350 and 550 words.

9?Use a 2 or 3 word keyword phrase no more than 7 times in a 400 word document.

10?Highlight one of the uses of the key word phrase and select ‘B’ to make it bold.

11 Do the same near the end of the document and make it italic by clicking ‘I’.

12?On right hand side click the ‘Parameters’ Tab

13?Change ‘Page Title’ from ‘Show’ to ‘Hide’.

14?Click ‘Meta Info’ tab. And fill out the Description, starting with the Keyword phrase and adding a sentence about the page.

15?Fill out the keywords, with the phrase with the keywords separated by a comma.

16?Click ‘Save’.

Your content has now been saved and you now need to make sure this content can be seen on your website.

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Article source: http://content.ezinemark.com/how-to-write-search-engine-optimized-content-for-joomla-1.0-4f0123afe97.html.

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