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Can HTML Programming be useful for the average web designer?

As more and more people access the Internet and want to set up websites so the plethora of programs and freebies increases to help the user to quickly set up a Web Page, so is there any real reason for users to learn how to program using HTML?

In this article we are going to look at three of the reasons given as to why learning HTML is a waste of time.

1. There are hundreds of Free Templates available on the internet so that one off websites can be produced quickly and easily.

2. The cost of Web Design Software is exorbitant, running into hundreds of pounds.

3. The learning curve is so steep it takes too long too learn enough to be able to produce a web page.

Let us look at these objections individually.

1. Whilst it is true to say that there are literally hundreds of free templates this is their disadvantage. The fact that there are so many means that most of the websites will look identical and thereby reduce their uniqueness. Search engines will not look favorably on too many sites that look similar.

To be able to use basic HTML programming techniques to change the layout of the page and update colors and images will make your site stand out from all the others using the same template.

A very basic knowledge of HTML will allow you to quickly and easily put your own brand on your pages.

2. It is true that the more professional web design tools are expensive and that if the user is a full time web designer it would make sense to own the more expensive software but for the occasional user there are some very good FREE packages that are quite capable of producing a well designed web page.

One of the better free WYSIWYG editors is Kompozer which also has FTP built in, making it easier and quicker to edit web pages and upload them to your website.

3. If we are only going to make minor changes to our websites the learning curve is markedly reduced in time and effort. It will also have the added benefit that if you take to HTML Programming you will have a good basic introduction.

So we see that having a basic knowledge of HTML will help you to brand your websites as your own. From here it would be an easy step to gain a basic knowledge of PHP, CSS and MySQL.. There are several websites where you can obtain free tutorials in all aspects of computer programming.

Now that you have learned something about basic HTML programming go to http://www.reallybasic.com where you can learn basic HTML, PHP, CSS and MySQL

Article source: http://web.ezinemark.com/html-programming-a-waste-of-time-4f2b1379d94.html.

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