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Lately WordPress has been widely used by innumerable affiliates to build review sites. A review site is a kind of landing page used to promote products or services by affiliates. It’s a effective way to earn sales commissions by referring prospects to the vendors.

There are ways to build a review site such as HTML page, WordPress and so on. WP proves to be the best and easiest way among them. You can build a review site within minutes by using WP and easily manage the content of your website. There is no other ways more effective than using WP to make a website.

But the most important reason why use WP is you can make a “real review site.” A review site, as the name suggests, is a website where people get sufficient reviews of several products or services to decide which to buy. Reviews may come from website masters or visitors of the website.

From my experience, a review site whose reviews come from visitors is far more effective than that added by webmasters. Prospects would like to know what other people say about the products or services before they make a firm decision to purchase. WordPress is a website application which enables your visitors to leave comments and reviews. That is the reason why WP is widely used in affiliate marketing.

Besides the reviews, I recommend you to use a plugin that enable your visitors to add ratings to the products along with the reviews and comments. Reviews just give the prospects the information but not tell them exactly which is the best and which to buy.

So you need to enable them to add ratings to the products or services you are promoting.

Then you need to display the ratings in the posts and comments to let visitors to know which is the best. Then they would know which to buy! This will greatly help the prospects to take the money out of their wallets and buy. This will increase your sales commissions by 10X.

Now click here to find a WordPress star rating plugin that enables your visitors leave a comment and add ratings. Or you can click here and go to my blog to learn more about how to make WP review site.

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