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A web content management system (CMS) is a software that provides a user with the authority to create and manage content on a website. The user is not required to have any knowledge of the programming language that is essential to develop the site. In simpler terms, if anyone requires a website, a content management system can help deliver the results. All one needs is the content and not the programming codes behind it.

Joomla is one such content management system which allows any user to add simple text, photos, music, videos, documents and almost anything, to their websites. The best part about Joomla is that apart from being quite user friendly, it is an open source solution, which means that it is freely available to everyone. All a user requires is support to develop a content management system that is relevant and in line to their business/needs. Once that is done, the user can then create or manage content with ease without the intervention of any outside support.

Some of the key features available within Joomla are as follows:
? Automated templates
? Facilitates various kinds of add ons, as well as plug ins for using more features
? Ease with content editing
? Equipped with a document management system
? E-commerce and shopping cart features
? Easily gets updated and upgraded
? Follows the web standards

In order to implement Joomla for your web development needs, all you need to do is approach a web development/ CMS development/ Joomla website development company. A lot of the web development companies are realizing the value and flexibility of Joomla and are offering it as their regular service. The best possible way to find some such companies would be to go onto Google and type in the keywords along with your region, for e.g. Joomla website development uk / Joomla developer London, and I am pretty sure that you would receive some relevant results.

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