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There is such a large variety of extensions for Joomla available on the market today; and this includes templates. Joomla is an open source software program, therefore anyone and everyone can write an extension of the core Joomla components and they will work with the initial Joomla program.

Templates are available in two different formats: back end and front end themes. The back end designs will help define the layout and style of what the administrator and editor will see whenever they log into the website. The front end designs will help to define the layout, style and feel of the website that all of the visitors will see when they come to your page. Obviously, the front end themes have more of a variety and that is what everyone desires. It can make or break your website. You want something that is easy to navigate, reflects what your company is about and will make your website look professional.

There is a large variety of designs available that work with the core Joomla software program and it all depends on what exactly you are looking for. Plain themes are available. Flash templates, eCommerce designs and even Clan themes are available.

Clan themes are developed with the gamer in mind. You can find many of these based off of the variety of either Xbox games, Playstation 2 or even Playstation 3 games. So whatever your favorite game is, you can probably find a template that will match it. If you have developed a “team” so to speak or clan and you’re looking for a way to keep it all organized and to get your members involved, then a clan template would be great for you.

There are websites available that offer Clan designs only.

These websites are usually dedicated to the gamer and the gaming industry. You can acquire a clan theme in three different ways. They are: free clan, commercial clan, or have a designer design one for you. Free themes are always affordable; however, since they are free to the public, many websites already have them.

If you don’t mind sharing your “look” with hundreds of other sites, then free designs will be good for you. Commercial clan themes are available, which means you will have to purchase them. There are template clubs where you purchase a membership and then you will have access to all of the templates they have available for free, as long as your membership is valid. If you can’t find what you are looking for, then hiring a designer to make up your own personal template would be best. You can convey your ideas of what you have in mind and they will be able to create it. If you are familiar with HTML and CSS codes and understand the programming, then you could even design your own guides. Of course, by either hiring or designing your own, your site will be the only one like it as you will own the complete rights to the template.Have fun and happy hunting for that perfect Clan template.

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