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Joomla, a reckoned PHP based software, is considered as the most powerful content management systems in web development domain. As it offers a range of services and features, there are various PHP websites running at present around the world. The PHP programming language allows creating graphically attractive websites, which have great functionality and usability and help meet specific businesses’ objectives. Joomla development is being done across the world for simple to complex websites. The main benefit of using Joomla CMS is that it is user friendly and easy to install.

This content management system offers readymade modules and components that help creating advanced functions on a website. Some of the modules and components are free of cost and some are commercial. A person with slight technical knowledge can learn administrator and update a website himself. A person using Joomla administrative interface can easily add content, events, products, services, etc for updating and editing content. Every time, advanced tools and plug-ins are updated by Joomla developers to make this CMS strong. Apart from Joomla, WordPress development is also getting attention from web developers around the world.

The modules available in this software can be easily customised to meet different business requirements.

The main features of Joomla content management system are user management, banner management, contact management, template management, content management, web services, etc. The components present in the software can be used in the website for rapid and constant developments. The website can be customised instantly with the components in order to make its easy to use and fast. Joomla software plug-ins helps in extending basic Joomla functionality. By far, this software has been proved very helpful for developing E-commerce solutions websites.

Joomla developers customise the components to achieve great functionality for commercial websites. Websites owners can also personalise their business website with the help of Joomla components. Joomla CMS based websites are used for wide range of purposes and fields such as corporate websites, community websites, social networking portals, multilingual websites, etc. The best thing about the Joomla software is that is offer community support. If in case, anyone finds problem or difficulty while handling or creating Joomla based website, he can easily find assistance with the community. The active community member help user in the best possible way to solve the problem. All these facts prove that Joomla is extensible and robust software to create a website.

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