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Joomla is the most popular open source content management system on the web today. Because it is an open source program, anyone and everyone can write extensions that will work with the initial core components of the software. This is why you will find thousands of extensions that you can download for Joomla and Joomla templates are no different.

Templates is what will define you look and style, as well as layout of the website. They come in two different formats: back end and front end templates. The back end designs are what the administrator, editor will see whenever they log into the account. The front end templates is what any visitor to the actual website will see whenever they come to your page.

Depending upon what type of website you have will depend upon the style of the template you will want to use. For those of you who either already have a store online or for those of you who are getting ready to launch a new store site, Joomla eCommerce templates is what you need. You can find them all over the web and they have already got the Virtuemart capabilities built right into the template. All you have to do is a search and then locate which one that you want.

As mentioned earlier, this program is an open source software program and any designer or regular Joe can write a layout version of their own that will work with you initial Joomla core software. So you can just imagine how many possibilities there are that are available across the World Wide Web.

The most difficult thing that you will have to do is find one. If you have a special layout in mind, it has probably already been made; however, locating it by sifting through the thousands that are available can prove to be a little difficult and time consuming. Another option of yours is to hire a designer yourself to write the template that will fit your specific needs. At least this way, you will be guaranteed to have that one certain layout that none of the other millions of web pages will have. It will be truly unique to your website and your website only!

This programs eCommerce templates can be a little more expensive than that of a normal layout because of the integration of the Virtuemart capabilities. So you can plan on spending a little more for your layouts; however, there are free eCommerce layouts available across the web. Just make sure that they will suit your needs before you download them. Usually one download will only work for one website; so if you have multiple sites, you will have to download the template more than once. Another option is to join a template club. You can purchase a membership (depending upon the length of the membership depends upon the price) and for that amount of money you can download any layout you desire as long as your membership is valid. If you have multiple sites, this can prove to be your best option if you can’t find a free template that will work.

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