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Joomla, an open source platform as well as a content management system has come a long way since its inception. Now, highly popular, Joomla is one of the most dominant solutions in the market for creating dynamic websites and web applications. It is popular for its highly user-friendly characteristic. This content management system (CMS) can be easily used by a layman very easily without encountering any hassles. No prior programming knowledge to use Joomla’s simple interface is required. For its this potent functionality it has been in competition with Drupal and WordPress for a while now.

Joomla 1.6 has its own set of functions and features, and weaknesses as well. Yet, this version of Joomla aims to implement a flourished access control system along with a nested category solution. With the model-view-controller (MVC) framework it actually aims at standardizing the way extensions are built. The improved Joomla 1.6 provides great user management experience and improved control of the site. These new features and capabilities include, semantic XHTML layouts, access control system, easy to extension updates and multilingual functionality.

Hierarchical design: Site administrators and the content generators create user-defined category levels to set up category tree with as many levels as required.
Access Control System: Site administrators get complete control over who can view and manage what and how much.
One Click extension updates: Through the process of simplifying extensions, users have the freedom to secure and control the sites. Developers and implementers strive for enabling extensions to build control and permissions that makes it easier to create more advanced, enterprise focused extensions for Joomla.
Semantic XHTML Layouts: Content presentations are possible through this feature.

Joomla Developers have come a long way too by exploring and learning.

Slowly and gradually, developers understood the value and capacity of Joomla 1.6 extension development. Joomla extensions 1.6 are developed by site’s owners and creators. The extensions come with augmented technology which enable a wide range of possibilities in website development. Joomla Extensions 1.6 are a part, a tool that enhance the development process which compels a developer to use them for their flexibility. There are thousands of Joomla extensions available in the market today, each offering great functionality. Every single extension is different and possesses unique capabilities because of which it is used for. The Joomla extension community is extremely large and has its very own dedicated forum for related discussions. Joomla Extensions 1.6 are richer and more dynamic.

The author writes about custom Joomla extensions development which is possible through the support and assistance of professional Joomla developers. Joomla extensions 1.6 are widely being incorporated in website development by many nowadays.

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