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Facebook has now crossed 500 million users. The biggest social network with its growing user has created a big opportunity for all small or big business owners to promote their products, services, blogs, sites etc. in a very quick and easy way. This also helped the business owners to relate with their users and visitors in a faster and better way.

Now the question is how ? Facebook social plugins enable you to check what your friends or other have loved, shared or commented on web sites across the web. Facebook widgets such as the like button, fanbox, share button, comment box are truly powerful tools for promoting and luring a large number of prospects towards your website, blog, product or contents you want to advertise. it is like promoting your product, web page, blog with just a click!

Over 100,000 websites are already using these Facebook widgets all around the internet. And now you are not far from using them on your web page! Yes, its now in your radius to use it and thrive your business more.

Popular Facebook widgets are just in your reach now. Cerontek has developed Joomla Facebook extensions which lets you use these social plugins in any Joomla 1.5 web site. Any confusion what is Joomla? It is a CMS (Content Management System) that lets you to design your own website in the easiest way.

14 popular Facebook social plugins are now offered from Cerontek which includes ? login button, like button, fanbox, share button, comments widget live stream etc. These are all very easy to setup. All the widget packages comes with a core extension which basically takes care of loading the Facebook library and makes installation a lot easier.

For further query please visit : http://facebookwidgets.cerontek.com

Why would you use Joomla Facebook Extensions ?
* Can easily make contact with people who are looking for your products or services
* Can easily get connected with current and possible customers
* Works as a viral advertisement
* Gives an genuine touch
* Helps connecting to your consumers personally
* Easily understood by all and widely used

No more wasting time in coding and technical skills. These modules are the simplest to install. Nearly all of the modules requires no configuration but you can still customize your login button, change, color scheme, font size etc as you like. so install and publish now!

Hurry up and get your Facebook widgets and stay updated.

Learn more about Joomla Facebook Extensions at http://facebookwidgets.cerontek.com

Article source: http://facebook.ezinemark.com/joomla-facebook-extensions-for-a-better-social-touch-to-your-site-55e4a1f367c.html.

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