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You have just installed new versions of joomla plug-ins and modules or any changes in PHP codes. You have activated it on the Joomla and configured its settings. Then you viewed to your site home page and you found that there is only a blank page displayed on frontend, a white screen with nothing without any Joomla web designs. Don’t worry, may be it’s because of a PHP error.

Why the screen shows blank page on your website?

The reason why you have a white page is because you might have PHP code errors and in this case you need to check Error Reporting Global Configuration is set to none in your website. Change the status “Turn on Error Reporting” to locate the errors and the specific problems.

First go to your website Global Configuration settings on the backend. Select the Server tab and select the Error Reporting settings. Change Error Reporting to Maximum and click on Save button at the top right of the global configuration panel. This will help you to make print out all your server PHP errors, warnings and notices so you can check from which file name and lines the error is occur.

Now check with your website home page. At this time note down the file, line number and type of error noticed if you will see the PHP output of any errors, notices or warnings. Now ask your joomla developers to fix that code by yourself or contact support for the extension developer or uninstall the modules, components or plugins.

Disable Error Reporting for Security Reason

I mostly suggest Disable the Error Reporting when you have completed the issues.

Error reporting function is very helpful when you are trying to solve errors, but Error reporting should not be enabled in a production surroundings because:

It makes your website unattractive. During any time a PHP variable is not set properly, such in case you and your website visitors will see warnings and errors. If the error does not completely break your website warnings and notices, this can break your site CSS validation and layout. This will make your web site unprofessional and loss of unique visitor to website. Your unique visitors will find warnings and errors, so disable the error reporting status for security purpose.

It provides your website for hackers. There are many ways to find you website vulnerabilities. Hackers use hacker scripts to find exploits automatically and they will manually test your website vulnerabilities. Mostly hacking scripts are written in PERL language – if you were aware of this hacking check your website traffic logs. If you have Enabled Error Reporting then hackers can find out all information about your website like extensions you have installed, Joomla settings, PHP scripts, server settings and more. So make your site more security, Error Reporting settings should be disabled.


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