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Adobe Photoshop CS5 Available for Trial And Purchase
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You can go get it here. You can download a free trial to try first here. It’s nice that Adobe allows you a free trial version first before deciding if you want to purchase it.

I think this is the most significant upgrade for Photoshop yet. You can read my review on the new software from a few weeks back here.

More from John Nack on the release here.

Full press release from Adobe on the product below.

Adobe Ships Creative Suite 5

Breakthrough Interactive Design Tools and Innovative Online Services Maximize Impact of Creative Content and Digital Marketing Campaigns

SAN JOSE, Calif., ? April 30, 2010 ? Adobe Systems Incorporated (Nasdaq:ADBE) today announced the availability of the Adobe? Creative Suite? 5 product family, the highly-anticipated release of the industry-leading design and development software for virtually every creative workflow. With more than 250 new product features, the Creative Suite 5 product line brings exciting full-version upgrades of flagship creative tools and workflow enhancements to designers and developers ? enabling the creation, delivery and optimization of content across media for greater impact and results.

The Adobe CS5 product family is powering the creation of content and applications for the upcoming releases of Flash? Player 10.1 and Adobe AIR? 2, which are optimized for high performance on mobile screens and designed to take advantage of native device capabilities for a richer, more immersive user experience. Featuring integration with online content and digital marketing measurement and optimization capabilities for the first time, Creative Suite 5 products include access to signature Omniture? technologies, to capture, store and analyze information generated by websites and other sources. Adobe Creative Suite 5 products also integrate with Adobe CS Live*, a set of five innovative online services that accelerate key aspects of the creative workflow and enable designers to focus on creating their best work (CS Live services are complimentary for a limited time).

The Creative Suite 5 line-up includes five new versions: Creative Suite 5 Master Collection, Creative Suite 5 Design Premium, Creative Suite 5 Web Premium, Creative Suite 5 Production Premium, Creative Suite 5 Design Standard, as well as 15 point products and associated technologies. Creative Suite now includes a brand-new component, Adobe Flash? Catalyst?, a professional interaction design tool that allows designers to rapidly create expressive Web application interfaces and design interaction without writing code.

?We?ve seen from early customer reaction that Creative Suite 5 continues to inspire the design and developer world by combining time-saving workflow and productivity features with astonishing new capabilities, such as Content-Aware Fill in Photoshop CS5, that really push the creative envelope,? said John Loiacono, senior vice president of Creative Solutions at Adobe. ?Whatever the media, CS5 is ensuring that publishers and creatives can deliver stand-out work and build great businesses around their unique digital assets and content.?

Also available as part of the Creative Suite 5 product family, sold separately or in one of the five Creative Suite editions, are new versions of the Adobe Creative Suite tools, including Photoshop? CS5, Illustrator? CS5, InDesign? CS5, Flash Catalyst CS5, Flash CS5 Professional, Dreamweaver? CS5, Adobe? Premiere? Pro CS5, After Effects? CS5 and more.

The Creative Suite 5 products offer more than 250 new features that embrace interactivity, enhance performance and maximize the impact of creative content and digital marketing campaigns. InDesign CS5 powers the transition to digital publishing with new interactive documents and enhanced electronic reader device support. Image creation and editing get a boost with Truer Edge technology in Photoshop CS5, which offers better edge detecting technology and masking results in less time. Photoshop CS5 also includes the ability to remove an image element and immediately replace the missing pixels with Content-Aware Fill. New stroke options allow Adobe Illustrator CS5 users to create strokes of variable widths and precisely adjust the width at any point along the stroke. New Text Layout Framework in Flash Professional CS5 provides professional-level typography capabilities with functions like kerning, ligatures, tracking, leading, threaded text block and multiple columns. In addition, Dreamweaver CS5 now supports popular content management systems Drupal, Joomla! and WordPress, allowing designers to get accurate views of dynamic Web content from within the product.

Performance improvements abound in the Creative Suite 5 product line with engineering breakthroughs, including native 64-bit support on both Mac and Windows? in Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects, that allows users to work more fluidly on high-resolution projects. The much anticipated NVIDIA? GPU-accelerated Adobe Mercury Playback Engine allows Adobe Premiere Pro CS5 users to open projects faster, refine effects-rich HD sequences in real time and play back complex projects without rendering. The revolutionary timesaving Roto Brush tool in After Effects helps users isolate moving foreground elements in a fraction of the normal time.

Accelerate Creative Workflows with Adobe CS Live
Adobe Creative Suite 5 products integrate with Adobe CS Live*, a set of five online services that accelerate key aspects of the creative workflow and enable designers to focus on creating their best work. CS Live online services are complimentary for a limited time and currently include: Adobe BrowserLab, Adobe CS Review, Acrobat.com, Adobe Story and SiteCatalyst? NetAverages? from Omniture. Adobe CS Review enables online design reviews from directly in Creative Suite 5 applications, while Adobe BrowserLab is an indispensable tool for testing website content across different browsers and operating systems. NetAverages provides Web usage data that helps reduce the guesswork early in the creative process when designing for Web and mobile. Adobe Story is a collaborative scriptwriting tool that improves production and post-production workflows in CS5 Production Premium. Access to Acrobat.com services, such as Adobe ConnectNow Web conferencing, is also included to enhance discussion and information exchange with colleagues and clients around the globe.

Create and Deliver to More Mobile Platforms
Using Flash Professional CS5, designers and developers can create, test and deliver Web content across a wide range of mobile platforms and devices such as smartphones, tablets, netbooks and other consumer electronics. Users can look forward to deploying content in the browser with Flash Player 10.1 and as a standalone application with AIR 2.

Pricing and Availability

Adobe Creative Suite 5 products and its associated point products will be available through Adobe Authorized Resellers, Adobe Direct Sales and the Adobe Store at www.adobe.com/store. Estimated street price for the suites is US99 for CS5 Design Premium, US99 for CS5 Web Premium, US99 for CS5 Production Premium, US99 for CS5 Design Standard and US99 for Master Collection CS5. Upgrade pricing, volume licensing and education discounts are available. Adobe CS5 products integrate with Adobe CS Live online services which are complimentary for a limited time. For more detailed information about features, OS support, upgrade policies, pricing and international versions please visit: www.adobe.com/go/creativesuite.

About Adobe Systems Incorporated

Adobe revolutionizes how the world engages with ideas and information ? anytime, anywhere and through any medium. For more information, visit www.adobe.com.

NEW Release – 116 Icons for Different Social Media Profiles!

The most complete set of icons for Social Media Profiles of any Joomla Extension.

Social Media Presence

This module has 116! social media icons for your members or guests to link directly to your social media profile pages. This module is a must for any website owner who wishes to increase their social media presence.

The number of professional user groups on websites like Facebook and LinkedIn has grown more than 10 fold or over 1000% over the past two years. Dismissing this trend as pure fancy would be an unwise maneuver for any savvy business owner or marketing executive. If you have a website for your business you should be taking advantage of the social media networks.

This simple module will display Web 2.0 style icons that link to your social media profiles.

Features include:

> Version 3.1.1

> NEW in this release – 116 Totally Different Icons!

> 116 Web 2.0 style icons 5 different icon sizes: 64px, 48px, 32px, 24px, and 16px.

> Option to allow links to open in a new browser window.

> Option to include the rel=”nofollow” link attribute.

> Change hover text for mouseover for “Follow us on…”

> You can turn the credit link ON or OFF.

This module is FREE to use at your disposal.

To get started just download and install the module via your joomla installer. Then modify the parameters in the module manager. Add your social media profile URLs. Any URL fields left empty simply won’t display that icon link.

Installs in minutes.

Simple to Install & Configure!

Article source: http://social-media.ezinemark.com/joomla-social-media-presence-31f561c4279.html.

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