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An Overview

All the changes made by the user are logged in CMS. It follows the principle of reusability wherein the codes needn?t
be rewritten to get the desired result. Another competitor for Joomla is WordPress which is also an open source content management system. WordPress is primarily used for publishing blogs.? WordPress Plugin development is the second most popular tool in the market and shows all the advantages of Joomla. Unlike Joomla WordPress has plug-ins to manage blogs.

Joomla web design

Joomla is platform independent and is designed entirely using PHP for hosting web services. The installation is done in minutes by a single-click operation across the application. It caters to a wide range of audience right from beginners to the advanced users. Are you familiar with Joomla Web Design? Well, you needn?t panic if you aren?t familiar with Joomla Web Design. There are a number of developers and designer out there who are ready to help you. All you will have to do is provide them thenecessary and essential requirements that go into designing your website.

Why Joomla?

Joomla provides a wide variety of templates to choose from. If deciding is just not your problem, then its functionality is. This is again taken care of in Joomla. It has a built-in functionality of components and modules.

You are also given an option to add other functionalities.

Joomla exploits the advantage of OOPS concepts. Oops or object oriented programming language makes it easier for the programmer to design his template. It makes use of the functionality called reusability. So what exactly is this? Reusability is one of the concepts of Oops wherein the user can just reuse the code or the module available thereby reducing time and cost. All the functions that are already defined can be called instead of defining them again. This also reduces complexity. Page caching and RSS feeds are the interesting features of Joomla. Page caching also called the disk cache is a temporary storage device. Data stored in this temporary storage is faster to access than from the RAM memory.

The RSS feed application or rather the Really Simple Syndication feed application publishes all the updates that you might want pertaining to any field. This eliminates the need to visit each site individually. The updates are automatically fed and can e read from any of the available readers including My Yahoo, Google Reader etcetera.
Worried about its support and maintenance? Well, you can lay your demons to rest, since Joomla has an active community which provides immediate and accurate solutions to any problem the user encounters.

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