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Over the past few years WordPress has become a very popular open source blogging and publishing platform. Ease of use, and free themes and plugins have helped to attract abundance and popularity of using WordPress. Although there are some great free WordPress themes traditionally offered only basic functions and simplified design.

Since late 2007, but the growing number of WordPress theme developers have been offering premium WordPress themes – themes that are being offered at a fixed price. The Premium WordPress themes are usually sold from $ 50 to $ 250.

At first only a talented and well-known WordPress theme designers released a handful of paid premium WordPress themes, which were well-designed, highly functional, high-quality themes that transformed a simple wordpress blog to install a powerful content management system (eg, magazine, news, portfolio or “traditional” web site). However, as the premium WordPress theme business concept spread, more and more WordPress theme designers have hopped on the bandwagon, and filled his portfolio with premium (paid) wordpress themes, trying to cash a new trend.

However, a greater variety and numbers of paid premium WordPress themes also comes in different quality levels. So what exactly Premium WordPress theme premium and worth the money, you have to pay for it? Below are some features that should be set free premium wordpress theme free theme:

First The unique design, quality and sophistication

Premium WordPress themes should be just that premium.

They should look better and be much higher quality and unique design than compared to those available for free. “Better” is an individual interpretation, so, unfortunately, this should be left to the designer and buyer to decide what is best for them.

Second Live Demo or view

There should be a live demonstration, or view the topic so you can test and verify it before you buy. If there is no live preview or demo that should be a warning sign. You should ask why they want to try the topic? All reputable premium theme sellers will have to display the entire contents of your test. Explore the exhibit thoroughly test all of the pages to see that the theme works properly and there are no errors or mistakes.

Third All supporting documents

Premium WordPress themes should come with an instruction manual or document. This should explain how to load and install the theme and how to deal with any options that are built into the theme.

4th Full Support

If you buy a premium wordpress themes, it should also come with a designer support. Support levels vary, but will vary from individual private support from the designer, forums or blog comment sections to ask questions and get support from the designer and other people who bought the subject.

5th Flexibility and Customization Options

People want options, so Premium WordPress themes should be customizable. Buying a premium theme will set you apart from the crowd significantly, but because other people will still be using the same theme, premium themes can be easily adapted to continue, whether it be the layout, colors, images, or all of what is the above.

6th Equipment

While each theme is different, in general premium WordPress themes should be more than free to “Properties”. What this means depends on the topic. However, some functions may be: Javascript / DHTML, Ajax or dynamic sections, Popular Location “field, several layout options for the home page, drop down menus, multiple customs templates for pages, custom field options, print style, etc.

7th Well coded and there is no error

There should be no coding errors, misspellings, X images, etc premium WordPress theme. Should have a clean and valid code and adhere to strict standards of XHTML and CSS. You should also make sure the subject of cross-browser compatible and tested to work properly on all major browsers.

8th Free updates

WordPress is continually updated and improved and a premium WordPress theme developer should be offering you free updates for the topic.

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