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Joomla is known to be a free and open source content management system (CMS). It is utilized extensively for publishing content on the internet and intranets. It might sound very surprising but Joomla was said to have downloaded over 2.5 million times within the first year of its release!

Using Joomla for your software design arrangement provides you with the following listed features:

? ?RSS feeds
? ?Page caching
? ?New flashes
? ?Printable versions of your page
? ?Blogs
? ?Polls
? ?Search and support several international languages

There are more than thousands of marketable and non- marketable extensions to extend your site and enable social media plugins, modules and a lot more that you desire.


Joomla web design is to some extent more practical as compared to an HTML website. The basic reason behind this is that it uses 3 elements to produce the content. An html website usually pulls its designing from the CSS and the major content is stored within the html file. With Joomla web hosting, the content is stowed in articles on the MySQL database. Thereafter, it generates the page once a user chooses a specific place of the Joomla site! At that point, it draws the content from a number of stored articles. CSS templates helps with styling. The layout is designed from the index.php file template.

The Joomla Template

This template is extensively utilized to control the design of numerous locations that Joomla uses to place components and modules.

There are numerous free templates available on the internet that can be effortlessly connected to the prevailing Joomla web design. Joomla also facilitates templates to be page specific. This indicates that if you would want specific areas of your website to be styled diverse ways from various other zones of the site. The best part is that the entire task can be accomplished with a click of a button. A web designer can easily modulate the website layout for your home page.

User friendly Joomla SEO

During the initial stages of development and programming of Joomla, the developers took special care to create it in a user friendly fashion. They made it a point to make it very easy to use even for those who don?t possess any technical coding knowledge. The user interface is is very easy to navigate. However it is also true that novices might take some amount is time getting used to the way Joomla functions.

In case, you have been looking forward to program and preserve your own website, it is important that you go for only the best Joomla!

Joomla web design is known to be the most popular these days. These have been introduced many years back. Today, Joomla web hosting is considered to be the best of all services with its user friendly navigation and other features. The Joomla SEO concept has also become extremely popular these days.


Joomla web design is the best of all types of web design programs. It has attained huge popularity since the day it was introduced. The Joomla web hosting services are user friendly and provide easy navigation. Joomla SEO is also the latest trend among website designers and service providers these days.

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