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Keyword Winner is an innovative keyword tool that plugs into any WordPress website. This places the tool right inside the WordPress dashboard and eliminates the time wasting process of jumping around from the free Google tools or other paid services. Besides being a plug-in, the other difference with Keyword Winner is that it focuses on finding keywords for article headlines and titles.

Keyword Winner was developed by Daniel Lew, an Australian now living in Thailand. Mr. Lew has years of internet experience starting with eBay. His background includes graphic design, media agency employment and then SEO of his own company, Global Search LTD. He has introduced other products including; Coupon Salsa and SEO Revenge before launching Keyword Winner in 2010.

Keyword Winner concentrates on competition levels not SEO strategies that get caught up in overall search counts. The goal is to find high search trends with the lowest level of competition. Many people focus too heavily on high search trends, but don’t understand the level of competition and chasing an overly competitive search term is like swimming upstream.

Case studies have been conducted which shows that 90% of page rankings come from effective article titles. Keyword density within the article is an added benefit, but the most important element is creating a quality title. Keyword Winner looks for that and offers suggestions.

This how it works: Type in keyword suggestion directly into the WordPress dashboard. Keyword options are then displayed from highest to lowest competition.

The interface displays:

Red Zone ? Highest level of competition with trending over 1 million.
Yellow Zone ? Moderate level of competition trending less than 1 million.
Green Zone ? Lowest level of competition trending below 100,000.

Keyword Winner is a feature rich tool that also highlights page competition rank, search trends, backlink analysis and offers strategic insights. One of its more innovative features is the headline suggestion function which pinpoints the high search, low competition sweet spot.

The word on the street regarding Keyword Winner is positive as it includes functions that are unique among the various keyword tools on the market today. Most keyword tools are browser based or Windows based software packages were Keyword Winner is a WordPress Plugin. Most of the other keyword tools focus on overall search count and less on competition levels. Keyword Winner looks for search trends and offers suggestions for getting pagers ranked on the first page of Google. The price is a one-time payment of $ 47 for installation in one domain and $ 97 for unlimited installations.

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