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It is important that the content of your site is properly optimised for the search engines and you can install a WordPress SEO Plugin to help with this – there are many available. If your content is properly optimised the search engines will understand what your page or post is about and that it is highly relevant to the chosen keyword (or keyword phase). You will then be able to get the page or post highly ranked with the minimum possible number of backlinks.

If your page/post is not optimised you will need to build many more backlinks to get it ranked.

There are many WordPress SEO Plugins available to help with setting up on page SEO in WordPress but I want to look at a plugin called “SEOPressor” which is slightly different. The purpose of this WordPress SEO plugin is to check your page or post after you have written it and give it a percentage score for search engine optimisation.

It also provides recommendations for improvements which you can then follow, with a view to getting the score as near 100% as possible. Issues checked by the WordPress SEO Plugin include:

* Checking that the selected keyword has been used in the title and header tags.
* Checking that the Keyword has been used in the first and last sentence.
* Measuring the Keyword density in the content. It is suggested that you aim for at least 2% but not at the expense of making the content unnatural.
* Checking that there is a graphic and that the keyword is in the ALT text – which it can add automatically.
* Examining font decoration (bold, underline etc.) of the instances of the keyword – which it can change this automatically.
* Ensuring that there is at least one internal link with the keyword as anchor text.
* Ensuring that there are external links and these are “no-follow”.

Of course this is all fairly straightforward stuff and you could easily produce a checklist and do this yourself. However, in practice, very few people would have the self discipline to do this as it would be quite a chore, so it is a task ideally suited to software. The SEOPressor WordPress SEO Plugin displays its results prominently in the top right of the post/page screen, making it difficult to ignore, so you are pushed into getting your on page SEO right.

As you do this you learn what is required and start to do what is necessary first time, almost without thinking about it.

The SEOPressor WordPress SEO Plugin certainly helped me by saving time and teaching me how to write good content from an SEO point of view. If you think it might help you Click Here to learn more.

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