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As a small business owner, if you are looking to maximize enterprise efficiency by deploying an open source solution that will not only be fast, easy to use and can be easily scaled up according to the needs of your business, then you have come to the right place. In our view, the Zend Framework will be quite suitable for your business as it not only retains the simplified spirit of PHP programming but also incorporates some great concepts like design patterns, unit testing, loose coupling and OOP concepts. What the Zend framework actually does is that it offers a lightweight, loosely-coupled component library that can provide nearly 80% of the functionality and the rest of the application can be customized as per the unique business needs of the organization. The extensible architecture of the Zend framework ensures that developers can build their own custom modules to develop the remaining 20% of the functionality.

Another important tool from the Zend family is the Zend Studio, a professional grade development environment that includes powerful features like PHP code editing, debugging, profiling, unit testing and diagnostic utilities which enhance developer productivity resulting in a shorter turn-around time for developing applications.Zend Studio?s integration with VMWare workstation helps developers in running and debugging applications quickly. Other notable features of Zend Studio like re-factoring, code generation, code assist and semantic analysis help in rapid application development both on the server side (in PHP) and on the browser side (in java script).

Besides this, Zend Studio also offers support for both local and remote debugging, integrated PHP and Java script debugging, profiling, code inspection, quick fix, test-generation, and reporting.

Another important tool from the Zend stable that can prove to be very useful for developers is the Zend Debugger, a PHP extension that allows users to debug PHP scripts via the web server. PHP experts who have tested the Zend Debugger functionality confess that it is the best Integrated Development Environment they have ever used.

To use the Zend Debugger users need to install the Zend Debugger on their web server in order to perform optimal remote debugging. By using powerful PHP extension one can test files and detect errors in your code. The debugger helps developers to control the execution of their programs by using a variety of options like setting breakpoints, inspecting variables and parameters etc.

After reading the above passages, you would now have an idea of the powerful features which the Zend Framework offers and how critical it can be to ensure reliability of enterprise applications. No wonder it has emerged as the platform of choice amongst small and large businesses worldwide for developing business- critical applications.

With PHP gaining prominence as a server- side scripting language, open source products like the Zend Debugger and Zend Studio are in high demand amongst developers all across the globe. These products can be used for the most demanding applications and even deliver excellent performance at high traffic loads. Moreover, the extensible architecture of the Zend Framework makes it a hot favourite amongst developers as they can build their own custom modules catering to their unique business needs.

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