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Every insurer likes to think they have the lowest quotes for car insurance. They often promise competitive rates, online discounts, and a customised package to suit your needs. However, despite the flashy ads and tempting deals, the best and quickest way to find the lowest car insurance quotes is to compare rates online.

The car insurance industry has seen rapid growth in recent years with the rise of new competitors such as Australia Post, Coles, Kmart, Progressive, and Real. Australians are taking notice of new providers because they often focus on providing the lowest quotes in the market, savings drivers hundreds of dollars worth of fees per year.

Here are some things to look out for when youre searching for the cheapest quote:

No claim bonus: Some of the best deals are offering no claim bonuses of 60 or 70 per cent, allowing you to shave off your premiums every year.
Safe driver bonus: Many insurers offer programs to reward safe drivers by providing even further discounts on your premium, as well as other benefits such as car hire.
Some insurers offer discounts for taking extra safe driving courses.
How you pay your premiums will also affect how much you save. Those who pay in monthly instalments or those who choose 6 month policies will sometimes face higher quotes and fees, which is why many drivers prefer the yearly lump sum.
Online discounts: Insurers often reward new customers who register online with a discount on their advertised quotes.

Fees also differ greatly between the major cities, with average prices in Melbourne and Sydney ranked consistently higher than Brisbane. Customers who think the grass is greener on the other side are encouraged to compare the lowest quotes in their own city for realistic prices.

Lastly, you should also comb through product disclosure statements to understand where you can make the savings with your insurance policy.

There are hundreds of car insurance products in the market, and no matter how many numbers you call or advisers you see, the hunt for the elusive lowest quote will always lead you to comparing prices online. is the website where Australians can easily find, compare and apply for over 13,000 financial products from over 250 institutions. It spells the end of travelling from website to website and the beginning of discovering the very best value product for you. Our job is to take the hassle out of finding the right financial product – saving our users both money and time.

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