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Definition of PHP in simple words – PHP is a server side scripting language which is mainly used to produce dynamic web pages ie.web pages with interactive features. The programming for PHP application is done offsite and then the application is coded into the HTML page. PHP is very popular due to many reasons. Following are a few of them:

PHP is Absolutely Free

PHP Costs Nothing. If you want to develop a PHP application, you can? start doing so by just downloading the PHP which is absolutely free of cost.

No Royalty Involved

Since PHP is not a licensed product, hence you don?t need to pay any royalty fee for using it.

PHP Is License Free

PHP is free from any restrictive licenses. There is no specific guideline which describes how or how not use PHP for PHP application development. Hence, you can use PHP the way you want. You can even create your own version of PHP for your own purposes and restrict others from using it.

PHP Don?t Involve Any Server Maintenance Costs

PHP application is mostly developed to run on Linux or Apache server. Unlike Windows server,
Linux and Apache are open source and hence include zero set up cost and ongoing costs, even the future updates are available free of cost.? Thanks to PHP for being an open source, they largely cut down the server maintenance costs.?

PHP is Updated Regularly

The professionals in PHP community make sure that PHP is always up to date with today?s application development languages.

In 2009, PHP got three major updates while two major updates were seen in the last year, that is, 2010.

PHP is Compatible with Multiple Databases

PHP is compatible with wide range of databases including MySQL, MS SQL, Oracle OCI8 and IBM DB2. Hence, migrating programming language to PHP don?t involve any additional expenditure.

PHP is Easy to Learn

Learning basics of PHP is quiet easy. Even a newbie can learn this programming language in just a couple of months. In facts, software development companies are easily able to train a fresher in PHP application development to be a professional in just five to six months.

PHP Has Huge Number of IDE?s

The availability of a huge number of Integrated Development Environments (IDE?s) makes PHP application development a very simple process. IDE?s features many useful tools for coding through PHP.

PHP is Highly Compatible with Web Servers

PHP applications work faultlessly on almost all available operating systems, in the same way, the language is compatible with almost all web servers.

PHP is A Proven Technology

PHP is popular since last fifteen years. Here is the proof of saying PHP a proven technology: Many popular and most visited websites of the world use PHP technology. For example, Facebook, Flickr, Yahoo, WordPress, Digg use PHP technology. ? ?

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