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Marketer Theme is a powerful WordPress theme that can turn any WordPress blog into a powerful sales page AND a simple membership site. The best part is, Marketer Theme is easy to use.Grab A Copy Click here

Just: unzip, upload to it’s own directory, copy and paste your content and within minutes you will have your very own powerful sales page (just like this one).

Want to sell a membership site? No problem.

Simply repeat the process for your membership site: unzip, upload to it’s own directory, copy and paste your content and within minutes you will have your very own simple (yet powerful) membership site.

This is just a start at what you can use Marketer Theme for? your imagination is your limitation.

I could stop here AND I could easily charge $ 97 for Marketer Theme. The value Marketer Theme holds for you and your business is exponential?

The power and simplicity of WordPress? The power of a stylized Sales letter geared to make you sales? The power and simplicity of a push-of-the-button Membership site (this alone has the potential to bring you money month after month nearly on autopilot).

However, we are not done yet!

Installing Marketer Theme is as simple as: Unzip, Upload, Copy and Paste your content

In fact, it can be done in less than a minute (depending on your Internet connection).

Still, I leave nothing to chance! In this 3 minute and 27 second video Chris will show you EXACTLY how to install Marketer Theme onto your web hosting server ? the easy way.

In this 5 minute and 4 second video Chris cover how you can easily create a push-button sales page by copy and pasting your content.Grab A Copy Click here

In fact, Chris will go over simple styling elements you can use to help boost sales? he goes over basic Marketer Theme options? also, Chris will go over adding a simple plugin? AND he covers how to make your sales letter more Search Engine friendly.

Marketer Theme will create a membership site with a push of a button? However, you still need a script to protect your member-only-area.

Membership Ease is an easy to use script which will create a Password Protected Membership website.

It is one of the most user friendly password protection management scripts on the market today? And, you get it for free!

It creates unique user ID’s and passwords for all your members AND provides a lost password retrieval utility for those more forgetful members which might have forgotten their login details.

I am including the exact same WordPress plugin pack I use on ALL of my Marketer Theme websites ? for free. This is priceless! (This pack has been the heart of my business? and has helped me make the sales AND keep my retention rates high.)

Just to give you a small sneak peak ? One of these plugins will transform your Marketer Theme membership site into a simple (and powerful) forum. This alone will keep retention rates high? BUT, I am including more goodies inside this priceless plugin pack.

There are 54 other just as awesome plugins which will serve different functions to boost your sales and retention rates.Grab A Copy Click here


Article source: http://theme.ezinemark.com/market-theme-wordpress-download-17c90957cf2.html.

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