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Social media optimization, simply called as SMO, is a process or methodology for bringing forth publicity via social media, web sites, and online communities. Methodology of SMO includes adding social news buttons, RSS feeds, blogging and integrating videos and images. Though it looks similar to SEO and SEM, it is entirely different. SEO primarily focus on search engines whereas SMO acts by increasing traffic through various sources.

Social media optimization technique is related to the technique of viral marketing where the publicity is made through networking web sites, video web sites and photo web sites. The advantage of SMO is huge, as it does not directly relates with search engine. Through SEO, it is possible to bring traffic to the websites only whereas SMO can bring more publicity to the sites and business. For example, the site YouTube has millions of visitors in month, so advertising in YouTube can bring more publicity to the business organization. Similarly there are many social networking sites, video sites and photo sites that act as key instrumental for SMO. Through this it is possible to get more business contacts and popularity.?

The cost and expense involved in SMO is quite low. Many of the sites allows to market for free indirectly, thus providing great benefits to the small business organizations too.

There are also some disadvantages in SMO that are negligible. The content used for SMO should be readable and usable by the humans and profile used for medium should very popular.

Owing to its popularity, SEO companies also does service of SMO too. Many of the SEO companies are seen online. Finding and choosing genuine is more important.

Social media optimization is also a internet marketing strategy, effective than SEO.

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