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The mobile era began a few years ago and today it seems everything and anything can be done with this small but nifty gadget. From ordering pizza to paying utility bills to finding your way in case you are lost while travelling, the mobile helps in anything and everything today. It even helps you keep fit with dietary and fitness advice! But all this is done with the help of applications and they have been made by expert mobile IT Application Development teams. These teams conceptualize the applications, experiment ant test them and even develop all of the games, software and programs that we use on our Smartphones today.

There are many leading mobile application and game makers in the world today. Some of them are known to be huge in terms of market value of their shares and other related financial aspect. However, when it comes to getting the job done for small and medium sized businesses, individual mobile IT Application Development experts are preferred. Not only are they good at their job, but they also do it in a cost effective manner making the entire project profitable for all the parties. These people know their job well and rare well versed with all the leading mobile programming languages and software that are in use today. As such, they can easily develop applications, games and other useful tools for different types of phones and operating systems.

Moreover, if one application idea proves to be a huge hit on one platform, these developers will even be able to replicate the same for all other platforms and phones very easily. And the entire process will be done at a fraction of the cost of developing an entirely new application.

This is what makes IT Application Development for mobiles so feasible and profitable for companies.

As such mobile application development also has its own share of challenges. The market is continuously evolving and customers are always on the lookout for something newer, better and faster than what they already have. Meeting the eve changing customer needs and demands is perhaps the biggest challenge for any market, seller or even a mobile IT Application Development executive for that matter. For ultimately, he or she has to make something that sells rapidly and continues to remain a favorite for consumers for years to come. Only then can he look at a long term revenue generation for himself or even his firm.

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PHP frameworks: An intro to Symfony 2.0 | tutorial

This PHP tutorial describes the features of the more popular PHP framework, Symfony2. Watch more at This specific tutorial is just a single movie from chapter four of the MVC Frameworks for Building PHP Web Applications course presented by author Drew Falkman. The complete MVC Frameworks for Building PHP Web Applications course has a total duration of 3 hours and 35 minutes and covers basic PHP framework concepts including the Model-View-Controller (MVC) pattern as a means of simplifying, organizing, and maintaining code. MVC Frameworks for Building PHP Web Applications table of contents: Introduction 1. About PHP Frameworks 2. Introducing Zend Framework 3. Using Zend Framework 4. Introducing Symfony 5. Using Symfony 6. Introducing CodeIgniter 7. Using CodeIgniter 8. Introducing CakePHP 9. Using CakPHP Conclusion

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