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The questions of database have different topics like PostgreSQL, Progress, RDBMS, SAP DB,SQL, SQL server 2000 interview questions, Stored Procedures, Sybase and MySQL Interview Questions and Answers etc.

So, you people easily can meet with your desired questions.You also can see the examples of MySQL Interview Questions aregiven below:

? Which cursor type do you use to retrieve multiple recordsets? ? How will you export tables as an XML file? ? How can you avoid execution time out error while fetching record from MySQL? ? What is difference between candidate key and primary key? ? What is the difference between weak entity and sub type? ? How do you use Outer Join in MySQL? ? What is the Oracle rowid counterpart in MySQL? ? How will retrieve nth level categories from one query in MySQL? ? How to display nth highest record in a table for example? ? How many types of JOIN are supported by MySQL? Which are they? Explain ? Which version of MySQL supports Subquery?

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