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In order to start your MySQL server, you used to type the whole path like: C:\mysql\bin\mysql123 in your DOS prompt. However, sometimes, the MySQL server fails to start with this usual command and the reason may be any possible case of database corruption or damage. In such a case, you cannot be able to access your database and need any MySQL repair utility to repair the troubled MySQL database and recover the data thereof.
In case of any corruption, you may encounter an error message at the start of the MySQL server, which may be as below:

Default storage engine is not available

Moreover, in order to resolve the error, if you reinstall the MySQL server without removing the data directory, the server starts normally. However, to your utter dismay, while accessing the any database table, you may encounter another error message on the screen as below:

ERROR 1146 (42S02): Table ‘Tablename’ doesn’t exist

Note: Here, the Tablename is the name of the table, you have tried to access.

The above error message appears each time you try to access the table. Even, you cannot be able to resolve the error with the mysqlcheck utility.

In general, the reason behind the occurrence of the error messages is the corruption of the MySQL database, which can have been caused due to an improper system shut down, virus/malware intrusion or any other application malfunction etc.


In order to resolve the problem, you need to repair MySQL with the following command:

Repair Table Tablename
However, with severe corruption, the above command does not able to repair the database and you need to look for any valid backup to restore your seemingly lost MySQL database. If you fail to restore the database from the backup, then, you need to run any MySQL recovery software to recover back the database efficiently.

These read-only utilities are designed with advanced algorithms to repair MySQL database and recover the data safely. Moreover, with highly interactive graphical user interface, you may never find any problem in operating the software.

Stellar Phoenix Database Recovery For MySQL is an extremely powerful utility to repair the corrupt database and recover MySQL database with all its internal structure being intact. The software works well with almost all Windows versions, including Windows Vista, XP, 2003, 2000 and is absolutely easy to use on the parts of experts to normal users.

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