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WordPress is the perfect platform for creating fully-functional web sites capable of being deployed in hours instead of weeks or months. Now site owners have the ability to roll out full-featured paid membership sites by simply adding the WP-Membership plug-in and configuring a few settings.

“More and more Internet entrepreneurs are choosing WordPress as their preferred platform for developing robust web sites offering features far in excess of simple blogging,” according to Ben Ward, Software Developer. “That’s because the availability of the WordPress plug-in interface makes it easy to extend WordPress’ features to provide options and functionality not included in the core package,” Ward went on to say.

Recognizing the rising demand for paid membership sites, as well as the popularity of the WordPress platform, Ward developed a plug-in offering the most-requested membership site requirements including the ability to process recurring subscription payments through multiple payment processors.

WP-Membership ships with a PayPal payment module that interfaces directly with PayPal’s Instant Payment Notification (IPN) application interface. This provides the site owner with the ability to set up multiple subscription levels, with various length of subscription and pricing options, using the Internet’s most popular payment processor. Optional processor add-ons are available for, and YourPaySM, with support for additional payment processors under development.

The WP-Membership plug-in is versatile. It provides the ability to offer free and paid trial options as well as full recurring membership registration that can be re-billed in a variety of time periods including days, weeks, months and years.

In addition to recurring membership, WP-Membership also supports a one-off payment option.

WP-Membership is used to control access to the membership site either in its entirety, forcing everyone who wants to access site content to enroll as a member, or on a page-by-page basis. This provides the site owner with the ability to develop teaser content to attract visitors, while still being able to monetize the site by requiring membership to access the protected areas.

Like most WordPress plug-ins, WP-Membership is easily configured using built-in forms and settings. The site owner simply chooses from among the various membership settings, configures their payment processor, and goes live with a complete membership site.

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