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Are you affilaite marketer and struggling to improve your affiliate earning. Are you writing articles in your blog about different products to make a sale and earn money. If yes then here is a very useful and powerful plugin for you.

A plugin which will sky rocket your affiliate income, a plugin that will increase clicks on your affilaite links, a plugin that will convert keywords to affilaite links automatically.

Ninja Affilaite Plugin helps you in linking all keywords of your posts to its affiliate links. Thus you will earn money when some one click on the link and buy the product. After installing ninja affiliate plugin in your blog, you will be able to link all keywords with affiliate links from plugin contrl panel by just a few mouse clicks.

As you can see in the above screen shot. You have lots of features to link keywords with affilaite links, tracks its statistic and cloak links so that no one can steal your links.

The plugin has lots of other features that makes this plugin a Ninja one.

For Example if you want to open affilaite links in new window, then you can do this from the plugin control panel. Similarly you can add nofollow attribute to the affiliate links, so that no link juice can be passed on the links.

Create different groups for keywords to link to different affilaite links.

There is no need to edit individaul posts and link keywords will affiliate links, because Ninja Affiliate will do this automatically and you need only to mention the keywords in a post and the plugin will automatically link it with its affiliate link.

Ninja Affiliate WordPress Plugin Features
Prevent “Affiliate Theft”
Create Professional Redirect Links
Easy Affiliate Link Management
Advanced Display Options
Use “No-Follow” Links
Insert Affiliate Links Directly
Manage Links by Groups
Transform Keywords to Links

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A perfect wordpress plugin that will sky rocket your affilaite income. Buy Ninja Affiliate Plugin for your wordpress plugin to start improving your earning.

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