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Billions of people worldwide are inflicted by infertility and its consequences to family life. Advancement in medicinal avenues has fortunately brought to foray a string of effective solutions and treatments for every problem there is in context to infertility. A fertility center is that bridge between your medical deficits and parenthood. When you have been unsuccessful at conceiving a child or withholding pregnancy post repeated attempts at the same, the doctor at a fertility center will conduct a medical evaluation to verify the problem and accordingly decide the best treatments for you.

To begin with, experts at the fertility center will review both the male and the female?s medical case histories. The tests the female partner will undergo will include some regular tests apart from pelvic examinations and ultrasound, hysterosalpingogram, pap smears, blood culture tests, STD tests, etc. The male partner is asked to submit a sample of his semen along with undergoing basic blood tests. These tests help determine whether the fault lies with the male or the female.

The treatments may span across a few months and there may initially be a few failed attempts. The category of treatments that one can avail of at fertility centers are:

Ovulation Induction: When the hormone production in your body falls short or is untimely, certain medications help stimulate hormone productions and consequently prompt ovulation.?
Surgeries: Surgeries can help rectify impairments in your anatomy which restrict reproduction like scar tissue, uterine defects, varicoceles, fibroids, endometriosis, etc.
Artificial Insemination: Intrauterine insemination is a process where a sperm is directly inserted into a woman?s womb during her ovulation period and this is turn increases the chances of conception.
Micromanipulation: This technique is also termed as the Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection or ICSI helps improve successes in your basic IVF procedure. Here, a sperm is directly injected into the egg.
Assisted Reproductive Technologies: In very few cases do doctors resort to Assisted Reproductive Technologies or ART which is slightly advanced. Through IVF a sperm is injected into the egg and the subsequent placement of the embryo in the womb.

With the aid of a renowned fertility center couples can take on parental roles in their lives. If your fertility issues are relatively meager than it can be taken care of with a gynecologist?s assistance. More complex the problem, more the reason you should be looking at availing of a fertility clinic?s help.

Genesis is possibly the most organized and successful fertility center worldwide. It is the highly recognized european fertility clinic as well.

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