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Some of heard of SQL by Microsoft, and now, most have also heard of MySQL by Oracle Corporation.? What exactly is MySQL?? And why does it seem to always be in computer server news articles and ads?

MySQL can formally be defined as a database management system, of which is relational.? It actually runs as its very own computer server, providing access for numerous users to several and variant database systems.

Named after the daughter of Michael Widenius, developer of the system, it was originally created and began the marketing process in nineteen hundred and ninety-four.? Now, after its formal internal release in nineteen hundred and ninety-five, this database management system is formally owned by Oracle Corporation.

Currently MySQL is being overloaded, and is said to be not capable of holding such large amounts of data. As personnel and IT experts work around the clock to solve the issue, more and more companies are buying into MySQL or Microsoft?s SQL to save money, anyway.

Oracle is presently claiming that their MySQL management system actually saves a company up to ninety percent more of the cost that Microsoft?s SQL server might.? Some take this to be a battle cry between Oracle and Microsoft, while others see it as healthy competition between one company and another.

Oracle Corporation has also stated that MySQL is to have a complete update and revamp, which should include, but is not limited to:? data modeling tools, new and improved online backups, admin tools, better and newer graphing systems, etc.? Even with the updates, the some are questioning the large price saving gap Oracle is selling to its customers and prospects, with respects to claiming cost efficiency over their current competitors.

Most believe that the Oracle system is going to outweigh the SQL system in the end, but most aren?t making formal statements at this time.

There are still very visible gaps with respects to features each system holds, and capabilities each company is attempting to tweak.? And, until capabilities for holding and housing more data is available, some prospective clients are standing still.

Technology is consistently changing, and both Oracle and Microsoft have been in the forefront of positive global advancement and change.? It will be interesting to see what the next step will be for either company, with respects to MySQL and SQL.

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