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PHP or the Hypertext Preprocessor is the universal purpose scripting language, generally used for the development of the dynamic websites as well as web applications. A lot of functions in development field with the greater functional ease as well as system security are expanded by the PHP server applications. The companies around the world either choose to outsource their PHP Web Development associated projects to the highly skillful PHP Web Developers of India, or employ PHP Developers India in their companies. It also assists them immensely because India has mastered in the PHP website development. Therefore, hiring the human resource of India assist them in adding various dynamic features for their company websites.


Static or dynamic PHP MYSQL designing and development websites services consist of the following:

B2B and B2C web portals

Content management system

Custom PHP application

Customized web application

iPhone application

Payment gateway

Producing product catalogs

Shopping carts


Over the period of time, the web development of the PHP has enhanced a great deal.

It has become much more acceptable and enables to create websites and applications which are being used mainly in the highly technological world. The PHP language is considered to be the well-matched with the HTML. As a result, it stays first amongst the very much favored computer coded languages established around the world in the web applications development. Using the MYSQL and PHP are the preference against the other web-programming languages like ASP.NET, VB.NET, Java etc due to its advantages related with it.


A lot of global companies favor India for outsourcing the PHP projects as India has showed its superiority in programming as well as designing in the PHP and Custom PHP Development, etc. It is as a consequence of highly skilled aptitude of the PHP Developers India, well-organized website professionals, excellent PHP Web Developers and expert PHP programmers. India is favored for the outsourcing PHP development as well as for the software development for countries like US, UK, Europe, Canada, Africa, and Australia.


PHP and the MySQL are used through these developers for different dynamic web applications to modify the module available source code for the custom application. It is used in modifying the web applications according to the client’s requirements. Main advantages of the outsourcing of the PHP development through India is the lower developmental cost, less time for developing the Web Application for carrying several MYSQL databases through lesser amount for human resources. That is why the Indian PHP Programmers, Designers, and Developers are in demand in global market.

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