Partnership Opportunities for Graphic and Web Designers


Dear graphic/web designer,

We know you have your back end resources already in place. ?We also know they are very good (otherwise you wouldn’t keep them around, would you?)

And at the same time, we know from experience that there are times in which your resources – internal or external – are maxed out or simply not available when an important client calls in with a project.

And that’s a good thing to have, isn’t that so?

Of course it is! ?More prestige, more money, more referrals.

And more stress.


Because your resources are already busy with your other projects (or maybe even projects with other clients).

And now you have to look elsewhere. And “elsewhere” can mean a whole bunch of things: tasks are not done on time, the cultures do not mesh, contractor?promote?their brand instead of yours, or they take your job with 5 other projects they have at the same time.

Can you spell “headaches”?

All of a sudden the “more prestige, more money, more referrals” do not look so tempting anymore.

Is there a way to have the cake and eat it too?

Yes there is.

That’s where we come in!

Real X Software is in the software development and internet since 1997. ?We are a US-based firm and have worked with many clients, nationally and internationally.

Clients like Wells Fargo Bank, Visa International, Applied Materials, Intellichoice, to mentioned a few. ?And along the more recognized names – a whole slew of start ups, small, and medium size businesses.

One of the more successful business arrangement we have come across was to serve as a white-label service provider?for other companies.

Here is how it works.

Take your company for example. ?A client has asked you for some services for which you don’t don’t have the expertise in house. ?Yet, you would like to cater to the client’s needs since those services are part of a larger project you are about to land with this client.

If you have your regular resources who can help you – great. ?If they are busy with your other projects – call us.

We will perform these services under your company, your branding, in the most hands-off manner to you.

How are we different

There are many companies offering outsourcing services. We know that. The majority are offshore, from South East Asia. ?If you go that route you may experience some significant language and cultural barriers. ?Can you let them engage with your client directly and still maintain the brand image you want? ?Probably not.

Our Services

At Real X we specialize at supplementary?web-related?services to your graphic design company:
Software Development

  • PHP scripts
  • Connection to external systems
  • Expand existing applications your customer already has

Website Creation

  • Joomla, WordPress, Drupal
  • Mobile websites, SMS campaigns, Mobile Coupons
  • Web Stores and eCommerce

Internet Marketing

  • SEO
  • PPC campaigns
  • Social Media
  • Video Marketing


Don’t lose a project if you don’t the available resources

Now you have the services you need!

We can supplement your team for as short or as long as you want.
While you bring the visual face, we are very good at the back end of things: the functionality.
  • US-Based Company. ?We are a US-based (California) company so you can call during normal business hours. ?No need to wake up in the middle of the night.
  • Wholesale prices.?Since you already got the customer, we don’t have the marketing and sales expense. We can pass these savings to you and offer you our best prices.
  • Keep all the profits.?We offer our services at a set price. ?You can mark them up any way you want, and you get to keep all the profit while we do the work.
  • Full transparency. We are represented as workers of your company. That’s all your customer needs to care about.
  • Timely execution. We will give you realistic estimates and stick to them.
  • Post project support. ?If you tried to call a contractor after the project was done and found they were busy with another project, you know the feeling. We have continuity in place so that enhancements and/or bug fixes can be handled without delay.

Start small, grow from there

Let’s do a small project. ?You will learn about our capabilities, work ethics, dedication to do the job right, and timeliness.
From this first task we can go to bigger and better things – at the pace you’d feel comfortable with, and whenever you need.
For more details just call us at (888) 411-2221?or send us your details here: