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If you want stability and continuous growth in the huge competitive market you don?t have any option but to organize outsourcing strategy.

In IT sector proper outsourcing is great for supplying low cost products with the best customer services. Outsourcing considerably reduces the overall cost of the products or services yet keep customer services at its best status. Apart from cost saving facilities, long term competitive advantages with value addition while comparing with output and excellence there is no substitute for offshore outsourcing.

There are clear trends that international companies hiring dedicated PHP developers from professional IT service providers or outsourcing companies. This prevents in-house high cost hiring of PHP developers and offer low cost hiring environment for PHP developers. Hiring dedicated PHP developers from outsourcing companies allow them to complete their project at half of the cost. Hiring also saves their development cost and maintenance considerably.

There is no quality compromise if you hire a PHP developer from outsourcing companies. Technical education is cheaper in India than USA so skilled PHP developer is available at cheaper rates in India. You can get similar services with low budget. Outsourcing companies hire best programmer to render best services for their clients.

There are some distinct outsourcing benefits when you hire a dedicated PHP developer from an offshore company.

The main benefit is cost saving. When you hire a PHP developer from such companies they take care of all your liabilities. You need not pay for any government tax or any administrative cost. You don?t need to pay incentives or take care of local labor laws or give training to any staff.

You will get round the clock services and support because PHP developers as outsourcing companies work in shifts. PHP developers are experts and experienced and this fact you can be evidenced by looking at their development portfolio. Their development portfolio has several projects for PHP development. Their testimonials reveal their online reputation.

PHP developers are proficient in PHP frameworks like CakePHP, Zend and templating systems like smarty etc. They are fluent at English so your communication becomes easy. You will be completely free from the headache like staff maintenance and accountancy related problems because all is managed by outsourcing companies.

After assigning the project you will act like a project manager and directly participate in project management software. PHP developers are easy to contact. You can contact your developer by emails, live chats, instant messengers or by international calling system all facilities are provided by outsourcing companies.

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