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PHP application development is the call of the hour owing to the gamut of features it offers to the users. A large number of open source application development tools are available today for PHP development. Today, open source tools are in great use for any sort of custom application development and PHP application development is no exception. If one wishes to have custom application or website developed, then nothing better than PHP development can work here. Since it is an open source platform, they do not need to spend any money to acquire it. Therefore, it is cost effective. As PHP entails varied frameworks each with a distinct feature and different set of demands, let us have a glance at some of the open source tools available.

Joomla is one of the most important open sources application development tools available, which is PHP based. It is popular worldwide and used extensively for the development of forums, blogs and other significant applications. Since it is flexible, it can be considered a great tool for PHP development. Now let us talk about Drupal. A scripting language used for the development of big websites. It is known for its ability of fast website development and applications. Databases like PostgreSQL, MySQL and SQLite are supported by Drupal. In addition, dynamic websites supported with outstanding features can be created using Drupal across varied business domains like online shopping portals, healthcare etc. Another open source tool is Mambo. This can be used for the creation of an array of websites ranging from simple to complex.

It offers a plethora of good web application features and great flexibility quotient along with a rich repository of plug-ins, multi-lingual support etc.

In addition, it is easy to install and is compatible with almost all operating systems. phpBB is another good open source application development tool . Popularly known as PHP Bulletin Board, it offers streamlined applications of bulletin board. In addition, it supports database like MYSQL, Oracle and OpenLink Virtuoso etc. A decent range of templates and add-ons are offered to the user by phpBB. Another excellent open source tool commonly used in PHP application development is Typo3. Its popularity in the market is increasing day by day and database like Oracle, PostgreSQL etc are supported by Typo3. It is compatible with many PHP platforms like phpBB, vBulletin etc and can be used to create great applications across varied business domains. Besides PHP, there exist other open source platforms also like LAMP, Zencart, and Oscommerce etc. Using these, one can have good PHP application development.

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