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PHP is the most popular web scripting language which is used for web development. It is a simple framework and easy to use platform to develop interesting web applications. It is the most robust and stable platform for web development. Reports show that approximately 40% of the websites are built using the PHP framework and it is the most preferred tool among web developers.

PHP is an open source framework and so one doesn?t need to bother about paying for its licensing. Being an open source platform, PHP related material is easily available for use over the internet and it also helps to bring down the developmental costs. Developers can utilize its customization option that is readily available with its source code and the PHP framework can freely be installed from the internet. It is a rapid web development tool which helps in saving time. At the same time, PHP development increases the developers? productivity and enhances the company?s overall output.

PHP developers don?t need to bother about app structure, and different modules and classes. PHP development makes designing web applications simple and easy. Wikipedia, Facebook, and Yahoo are all build on the PHP framework and it has been successfully running over the years. PHP is a stable platform and facilitates quick development of a variety of web applications. Learning the PHP language is very easy and it is based on major C language. It is possible to easily mould and manipulate PHP web development to develop rich websites.

PHP together with HTML shows classic web elements and this feature enables to create highly complex websites. The recent versions of PHP are all comprehensive and it has features similar to that of C or JavaScript.

PHP is a boon to the developer community as it enables to generate high-quality websites with ease and quick. It is a user-friendly language and is compatible with all major operating systems like Windows. PHP allows rich application development possible and makes functioning easy for developers.

Some of the key benefits of PHP web application development are ?
– ?Being open source, it is cost-efficient
– ?Applications with PHP development shows improved performance
– ?Reliable and secure framework for web development
– ?Integrates well with hosts like Apache, IIS
– ?Enables the creation of highly customized websites to suit the client?s requirement
– ?Websites with PHP development loads quickly and speedily

PHP works well with Oracle, MySQL, and IBM2 databases increasing its scope and functionality. PHP is a highly scalable and safe platform wherein all the data is kept highly protected. PHP easily integrates with other web applications like Flash and Ajax and helps to deliver websites with great online visibility.

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