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The dedicated PHP developers at PHP India center at TIS India ( have made client satisfaction their main motto. Whether it is developing a website from the scratch or simply upgrading an existing website or even developing a standalone PHP application, our PHP Programmers have a long track of successfully accomplished projects.

Today open source PHP development has become the key to a cost effective dynamic website and PHP India uses this phenomenon to its advantage to develop fast, functional and secure website/applications in PHP. Our team of web developers has extensive expertise in developing simple Content Management System (CMS) sites as well as complex E-Commerce sites with better Shopping Cart Management (SCM) system. So, whatever is your budget or how complex is your development process; be sure that we will provide you professional PHP development services.

PHP web development or PHP application development is highly preferred nowadays against all other programming languages simply due to the fact that it is easy to develop with and is compatible across different hardware and software platforms.

PHP is easy to integrate with different dynamic visual applications like Flash and Ajax, Flex and other effects. Not only this, PHP has in built graphic enhancement and modification library. Some beautiful graphics can be made using this library. One can even modify applied graphics with the help of this library.

“PHP is really fast in giving output since it uses less code and has its own memory building capability. Also websites developed using PHP are search engines friendly”, remarked a PHP developer at PHP development India.

“Our expert PHP developers are able to use various database technologies, CSS technology and scripting languages while developing PHP websites/applications. Moreover, the functionality of a website is planned by our dedicated PHP developers in such a way that it helps in the creation of an interactive PHP web application”, says Business Development Manager at TIS.

PHP India ? specialist in PHP Programming Indiaoffers dedicated PHP developers highly experienced in custom website development, shopping cart solutions, developing e-commerce websites, CMS customization etc. We excel a team of more than 20 expert dedicated PHP programmers. Contact us for best PHP Programming services India at the most affordable prices. Get the best price quote at .

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