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PHP, an open source server side scripting technology is no doubt considered as the dominant website development tool today. Over a million web servers worldwide are PHP compatible. PHP enables professional web developers to create dynamic web pages, i.e. pages created at the time of access by users.

The usage of PHP has gone up dramatically. PHP runs scripts on web servers. This open source technology is known for its flexibility and efficiency. Web developers and website development companies worldwide prefer this technology due to its ?Ease of Use? nature.

The server side scripting technology is available absolutely for free as a result of which web design service providers throughout the world are able to offer their clients robust web solutions at fraction of cost.

Several versions of this server side scripting language have been launched since its introduction in the year 1994 by Rasmus Lerdorf. On an average, PHP is now used by 77.8 per cent. The fifth version, i.e. Version 5 has been used extensively by professional developers. The usage share of PHP5 is around 94. 9 per cent, thanks to its developer friendly nature.

Today some of the leading portals like Wikipedia, Facebook, etc use PHP to generate dynamic web pages and also to offer enhanced user experience. Online shopping websites these days are developed using this technology.

Websites meant to sell goods online features an online shopping cart system, which is meant to assist users purchase their favorite article online.

Some of the known shopping cart system or software like Open Cart, Zen Cart, Pinnacle Cart, etc is compatible with PHP. The shopping cart systems mentioned above are also open source and this makes website development vendors to offer superb ecommerce web solutions to their clients.

PHP is all about cost-effectiveness and reliability. Websites developed using PHP is robust and are meant to perform smoothly year after year without any errors.

The overwhelming usage rate of PHP worldwide has also enables certain offshore website development companies to start up their own PHP training institute or centers. The objective of creating such centers is to impart practical job oriented training sessions to future those who want to lay their foot on the ever increasing web site design and development sector.

Rasmus Lerdorf, the man who invented such a technology that has completely redefined the web site development process. The server side scripting language is developer friendly and enables corporations to deliver superb result oriented web solutions to clients at lesser cost. That?s the reason why PHP is referred as the Dominant Web Development Tool. ? ? ? ? ? ?

My name is Debashis Das and I am a PHP web developer and an occasional blogger. I work at an India based PHP web development company, that also offers training on PHP and MySQL to future IT aspirants.?

Article source: http://php.ezinemark.com/php-is-now-the-dominant-web-development-tool-7d36596f45cc.html.

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