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In path of evolution man has invented computer, computer language, internet, etc. to ease his/her tasks. Development of new languages has added more fuel in this journey. Among the many languages PHP and MySQL are languages of the choice of many. Both have good features, which can ease many problems of your business. When both combine produce some rare features, which are not available in other similar scripts.

PHP stands for Hypertext Preprocessors. It is opensource scripts therefore you don?t need any license fees at all. This saves your initial investment in the project and let your resources to pay for other important tasks like development. Basically PHP is server-side language defined especially for the web development. You can easily embed PHP with HTML codes, which can generate HTML web page from server when each time visitors visit the server and this output can see on users? computer. Since its invention in 1994 PHP has gone through major enhancement and its newer versions have been released periodically. It?s latest versions have improvements such as an inclusion of GD graphics, Apache 2.0 support, out of beta PEAR with user-friendly installer, etc. PHP provides seamless benefits to its developers in terms of flexibility. PHP has its own frameworks like Zend, CakePHP, CodeIgniter, etc. Besides this, PHP can be integrated with other frameworks of other languages like Java, Ajax, C, C++, etc. easily so you can developer can bring the creativity of that language in the project. PHP provides cost-effective solutions by offering quick deployment and quality solutions.

MySQL is a relational database management system means you don?t need your database files in Access or other similar programs and you can easily integrate flat files of your data with your project with the help of MySQL database management.

This property brings an ease in editing and modification of the database at any time whenever you need. You can easily add or edit or delete the data in your flat file and resume your project again. MySQL works as a server and offers multiple user access to numerous databases. You can see its power in case of Google, Facebook and Wikipedia. MySQL can be integrated with other opensource programs including Joomla, WordPress, phpBB, Drupal, etc. Like PHP it is free for basic license and its commercial license is available at negligible rates so anyone can afford it.

With combination of PHP, MySQL can produce great solutions in industry. Both are opensource so you can get community support easily and can solve your problems with other developers. You can get frequent updates regularly and enhance the performance of your software. Both are opensource technologies therefore you can get its source code and do modifications according to your requirements. Both can be integrated with other frameworks and programming languages so you have wider scope of the development. You can deal with cross-platform technologies and larger databases with an ease. In short, you can get whatever you want with the combination of PHP and MySQL.

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