PHP MySQL Development

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M. Soderberg, President, Boa Technology

Can you imagine a PHP script or application these days without a database behind?

It is almost automatic. And the natural choice is of course MySQL, the open source database.

Such systems are normally developed on the foundation of Linux the operating system. and Apache, the webserver. ?Both are open source software. ?Together they form the

LAMP = Linux + Apache + MySQL + PHP

Knowing how to effectively link PHP with MySQL can lead to much faster application resposne time, more concurrent users on the server.

When dealing with a large database, or one that involves many tables and relations between them, it is important to have a qualified developer on board that knows how to optimize the database and make it lightning fast as opposed to slow and non-responsive.

Our developers have optimized many systems and lietrally brought them back to life. ?Its well known that web users have little patience for pages to load. ?If your website is dynamic (like eCommerce, CMS, etc.) and is slow to perform, there are a few PHP and MySQL optimization tricks we can do to make your website load fast.

In other cases the database needs to have a backup to prevent loss of data. How to backup a MySQL automatically, and restore it if thre is a need – just ask our developers how to do it safely with little slowdown on your server.

To learn more about integrated PHP MySQL development by our team, please call us today. ?We will listen to the challenges you face and give you free advice when can be done. ?And if you like our approach, we will be happy to work with you on your project. ?Contact us now.