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Apollo 11 Launched Via Saturn V Rocket
PHP programming
Image by NASA on The Commons
Collection: NASA Marshall Space Flight Center Collection
Name of Image: Apollo 11 Launched Via Saturn V Rocket

Full Description: The Apollo 11 mission, the first manned lunar mission, launched from the Kennedy Space Center, Florida via the Marshall Space Flight Center (MSFC) developed Saturn V launch vehicle on July 16, 1969 and safely returned to Earth on July 24, 1969. The Saturn V vehicle produced a holocaust of flames as it rose from its pad at Launch complex 39. The 363 foot tall, 6,400,000 pound rocket hurled the spacecraft into Earth parking orbit and then placed it on the trajectory to the moon for man?s first lunar landing. Aboard the space craft were astronauts Neil A. Armstrong, commander; Michael Collins, Command Module pilot; and Edwin E. Aldrin Jr., Lunar Module pilot. With the success of Apollo 11, the national objective to land men on the Moon and return them safely to Earth had been accomplished.

Date of Image: 1969-07-16

Reference Number: MSFC-75-SA-4105-2C
MIX #: 6901000
NIX #: MSFC-6901000
MSFC Negative Number: 6901000
UID: SPD-MARSH-6901000
Original url:


Visit for the most comprehensive compilation of NASA stills, film and video, created in partnership with Internet Archive.

PHP stands for Hypertext Preprocessor Programming is basically script based and server-side programming language. Server means that the script will be before sending that applications for HTML, the server treats it first. You can not see this source PHP web coding, because the code is not visible, it only gives output. PHP is used to create dynamic web pages, Internet business.

Some PHP functions:
PHP is a very useful content management system
PHP can be used for command-line scripts
It can be used in relational database management systems
Provides a design structure to promote rapid application development
It allows developers to write extensions in C
It can be used on all major operating systems including Linux, Windows and RISC OS
It allows users to transfer files from your client computer to a web server
It is a flexible Database Connectivity

Web site development era PHP adds more functionality to your site, it allows your site visitors can interact with you through the script.

PHP development services has many advantages such as low cost and high performance. Another advantage is that the code is simple and easy to understand. PHP is widely used to create systems and structures. PHP is mainly used for small businesses with limited budgets.

There are many service providers in India who provide outsourcing PHP programming services with highly qualified and skilled IT professionals. They provide the best service at an affordable price and is always ready to fulfill all your requirements. If you get a good service provider, you can fulfill all your requirements and you can also earn a profit and a long form, because the future of PHP is very wonderful.

PHP open-source technology enables developers to offer a wide range of technical assistance and cost-effective solutions for any business community.

PHP Hypertext Preprocessor, is one of the best and fast web applications scripting language. It can be used for E-commerce websites and online stores, email newsletters, content management, Boards and Chat discussion forums, email auto responders, user polls, etc.

There is a huge variety of scripting languages, faster and more secure web development. PHP is one of them. The main reason is that PHP over other scripting language that is easily accessible. It is open source and everyone can use it as per the requirements of the development.

Full PHP website development, the process is in respect of achieving the best possible customer relevant solutions tactics. Currently, there are many web development companies that offer PHP web development services. In addition, if seeking a PHP development company, then you simply need to connect to the Internet, and search for the best web development companies.

OsCommerce – Open Source online shop e-commerce solution that is available for free under the GNU General Public License. This is very convenient and has some different online shopping cart functionality that allows web storeowners to organize, manage and maintain online stores with minimum effort at very low costs associated with no restrictions.

OsCommerce development led to the uprising of the type of the web development industry, especially in the Internet marketing arena. The main use of open source technology is a great advantage cheap. The basic software is free, web site development costs are often lower.

OsCommerce is the most expandable, reliable open source shopping cart software, and has created more than a million websites. In addition, there are units designed for almost all the work associated with e-commerce. It is therefore highly scalable.

OsCommerce is suitable for most of the relief well. It is their nature to be adapted and developed to face with your business needs. Shopping cart software is completely web with your web control panel, you can increase the development of new products and manage orders from multiple locations. Admin interface is designed to be very simple and easy to use and requires no technical knowledge.

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