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Companies today acknowledge that websites and ecommerce web applications are necessary to maintain their presence and boost online business. Today almost every business unit has a web presence and keep requiring new web applications and web enhancement to drive customers. This scenario has given tremendous growth to companies providing web development services.

PHP being the easiest to use and cost effective programming language, most of the web development companies rely on to this versatile technology. Moreover the buyers worldwide prefer PHP web development and open source development due to its easy to customize nature and free availability. Web development companies are well equipped with skilled resources and state of the art infrastructure; they also provide customers with different types of engagement models which can best suit the needs of web development project.

Types of engagement models offered by PHP web development companies are:

Onsite PHP web development model: Under this model the PHP web development company takes onsite contract and sends its developers to work on client premises. This model is mostly used when the project requires strict security and infrastructure that only customer has. The charges are predefined and payment milestones are pre agreed, which are generally higher than other engagement models.

Hybrid PHP web development model: Generally hybrid engagement model for PHP web development projects are adopted in case if project requires high end development onsite and some portion of the project can be developed by junior developers from offsite premises. Such hybrid model is cost effective as compare to absolute onsite engagement model. The customer has direct supervision and work can be delivered with a joint effort of onsite and offsite staff. This reduces infrastructure costs and improves productivity. The payment process is quite similar to onsite engagement model.

Offsite or Offshore PHP web development model: This is the most popular engagement model amongst all. As its name says, the project development work is done on offsite premises or offshore/overseas premises. Client is saved from establishing IT infrastructure, hiring or managing onsite team that is anyway very costly, uncertain risks that project involves. There are many offshore web development companies offering open source development and PHP web development services, they are highly experienced, have secure and advanced infrastructure, offer very competitive rates to deliver the project. Offshore engagement model is the most cost effective model to get the PHP web development project. Hourly rates can be negotiated and billing date is predefined, many companies offer credit period as well for long term contracts.

To categorize in general there are two basic nature of web development contracts. First is the contract requires dedicated resources to work on the continuous development, enhancement and maintenance of the web project, depending on the project complexity and environment needs the above stated engagement models are analyzed and best suited model is adopted to do the job. Second category is the project will require limited resources to work on defined project scope. Such projects are easy to estimate in terms of time, risk involved and cost requirements, it is called fixed cost base project. Generally offsite engagement models are adopted for fixed cost base projects.

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