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PHP basically is a kind of language meant for scripting from the side of the server. It was designed as a PHP website development in order to produce web pages which were dynamic. PHP because of this reason is often found embedded with the HTML document and can be interpreted using a processor module, available with the web server and which generates document on the web page. PHP website development program has the capability of the interface with command line and has often been used in graphical applications too.

? ?PHP may also be deployed on web servers as well as standalone interpreter with all kind of operating system without any charge.PHP website development software is a competitor of the Active Server For Pages by Microsoft and has been installed on millions of websites as well as servers. PHP was created in 1995 by the famous developer called Rasmus Lerdorf. Today the PHP and its implementation is carried forward by PHP group. PHP website development includes easily accessible free software which has been released as per PHP license. PHP was initially understood to be an abbreviation of “Personal Home Page?

? ?PHP basically does the job of a filter and takes the inputs from files or texts and further produces an output of data which is usually in conjugation with HTML. With the introduction of PHP4 the act of filtering comprises of PHP parser which compiles the input in order to produce a byte code which is further processed by Zend Engine and thereby ensuring improved performance as compared to the predecessors.

? ?Though PHP was designed in order to create web pages but its bend has shifted towards scripting on the server side and may also be compared to other scripting languages like mod perl, Microsoft’s, Sun Microsystems’ and many others.

It has also attracted development involved in frameworks which provide for the building of blocks along with design in order to promote the development of rapid applications like Cake PHP, CodeIgniter, Zend Framework and Symfony which offer great features.

? ?LAMP architecture which became extremely popular in web industry for its unique way of developing the applications used the PHP language in its P bundle. As per the statistics by the year 2007 PHP had been installed on almost 20 millions domains on the internet with web services being hosted by servers. More than 75% of the web servers around the globe use PHP were a language for programming of the server-side.

? ?Management systems of Web Content which have been written using PHP are WordPress, Drupal , MediaWiki, Moodle, Joomla, and eZ Publish. Also included in this list is the user-interface using parts of Digg, Facebook and Wikipedia.
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