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PHP Zend Framework also known as ZF is a source which is open and is oriented through an object. PHP 5 implements this application framework. It has been licensed through the New BSD License.

This framework has been issued the license by the OSI or Open source initiative. It has also been approved by the latest BSD license. It also implies that the contributors of code have to sign an agreement which is called CLA or Contributor license agreement. The agreement has been developed on the lines of the CLA of Apache Software Foundation.

The policies and procedures related to the license and contribution were introduced in order to restrict the issue of intellectual property for people who use ZF.

Zend Framework has been corporate sponsored by Zend Technologies which was discovered by Andi Gutmans and Zeev Suraski who are the Core Contributors of PHP .Zend Framework is also partnered by the market leaders like Strike Iron, Google, Adobe Systems, IBM, etc.

PHP 5.2.4 or even a latest version which is 1.7.0 is the basic requirement of Zend Framework. Earlier the PHP versions use to run on 5.1.4.The user’s manual of ZF programmers very strictly recommends the use of 5.2.2. It is safe and enhances the performance. The Zend Framework 2.0 will run on PHP 5.3.
All the versions of Zend Framework have been a big hit in the market and the latest version is also going to dominate the software market big time. It has been given quite a warm welcome by the audience and it has been able to give new meanings to the software market and technologies.

The basic features of PHP Zend Framework are very object oriented and are very helpful to the users.

Some of the features are:

? The indents of the ZF are PHP 5 which are oriented by the object and also comply with the E STRICT.
? The architecture of the framework is very user friendly and the components have been very lightly joint to each other. Thus there are very limited interdependencies.
? The MVC implementation which is extensible in nature supports the blueprints and the templates which have been based on PHP.
? ZF offers assistance to various database systems and even the vendors like MySQL, IBM DB, Maria DB, SQLite, Oracle, PostgreSQL, Informix Dynamic Server, etc.
? Composing and delivering email and retrieving data through the mail box, POP3, IMAP4, Maildir, etc.

The ZF has made life even simpler and worry free. It makes the system run faster and also helps it improve it performance. It makes use of the minimal resources and gives the maximum possible output. Thus the users of ZF enjoy all the benefits of PHP as well as SQL. Even the complications are reduced to minimal with the help of ZF.

The best part about the Zend Framework is that the applications of Zend Framework can work on any of the PHP bundle which is eligible in terms of the technical requirements.

The framework offers a stack of PHP which has been popularized as the system which can run the applications of Zend Framework.

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