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Court House, Kilkenny, 1990
PHP framework
Image by National Library of Ireland on The Commons
Taken by photographer, Dr. Richard Freyne.

You can compare this view of Court House at Kilkenny with its companion photo taken approximately 82 years earlier as part of the Lawrence Photographic Project 1990/1991, where one thousand photographs from the Lawrence Collection in the National Library of Ireland were replicated a hundred years later by a team of volunteer photographers, thereby creating a record of the changing face of the selected locations all over Ireland.

For further information on the Lawrence Photographic Project, read all about it on our NLI Blog.

Date: Saturday, 1 December 1990 at 11:00

NLI Ref.: LPP_29A/4A

PHP is a popular programming language. It is exceptionally handy for making web applications and frameworks. Often referred to as the mostly used programming language in web 2.0 scenario, PHP has an easy learning curve, which makes it easy for the newbies to learn and apply PHP. Given below are some of the most popular frameworks in PHP:
Recess: It is a RESTful PHP framework, which offers a great programming experience for the newcomers as well as experts. If you want to employ a complete RESTful web application without having enough skills on PHP, you can try nook as it is easy to use, is light weight, fast, and moreover, it has drag and drop deployment to the shared hosts.
CakePHP: It is one of the most popular PHP frameworks in the market. It is slightly heavier than other similar frameworks such as Kohana and CodeIgniter. It comes with a host of advantages. It is encompassed with a detailed documentation to make it easy to understand and easy to use.
VorkL: This is an easy to use PHP framework, which can cup down all negative qualities of a framework. These tools leave you with benefits so that the new programmers can use this framework without any sound technical knowledge and experience.
The Simple PHP: This framework allows you to build websites with PHP 5. This framework is ideal to bring web projects to life easily and quickly. This framework is suitable for freelancers and web designers.
Zend Framework: This framework is extending the spirit of PHP. It guarantees corporate friendly licensing, object-oriented practices, simplicity, and tested agile codebase. This framework is exceptionally handy to make reliable and secure Web 2.0 applications. Supported by APIs from Amazon, Google, Flickr, and Yahoo, this framework is a must-have tool for PHP developers.
Fat-Free Framework: You can access the flexible cache, automatic spam protection, integrated unit testing tools, template engine, and code profiler of the framework easily. This framework is lightweight and fast, and comes with a bandwidth throttle to control the traffic of web server. Fat Free is the only PHP framework, which gives you full-proof protection from Denial-of-Service (DoS) attacks and bandwidth theft.
The Akelos Framework: This PHP framework is a web application development platform, which is based on Model View Controller or MVC. It helps the developers build multilingual database-backed applications by writing lesser codes.
Konstrukt: This is a light weight PHP framework. This framework comes with a wider set of features such as Nested controllers, URI-to-controller-mapping and many more.
CodeIgniter: This is a powerful and open-source PHP framework, which helps programmers to write codes efficiently and rapidly. It also comes with a light footprint, which reduces servers pressure to a greater extent.
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