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Open Source Software Joomla uses a three-tiered systemof articles for ease or organization of your site’s content. Creatingcontent with the WYSIWYG editor is very easy, as is syndicating the content of the site. Visitors to or users of your website can save articles to a PDF, rate or e-mail them or subscribe to your content through an integrated RSS feed. One of the basic modules allows you to show the most popular or the latest items added to the site, display newsflashes and list related articles.

The appearance of pages in Joomla is determined by a choice between templates and modifications of the templates. It is this option that has led some to say that Joomla works right out of the box, with a little tinkering. There are also ways to override the template parameters and create a truly customized and unique visual element for each page and each part of a page.

There are literally thousands of extensions for Joomla, including

Twitter feed display
Google map component
eCommerce bridges
visual calendar
Facebook display
News Display
3-D product carousel

Joomla experts and specialists, such as those at, can develop add-ons for virtually any requirement, such as inventory control systems, business directories, reservation systems and more. Listing related articles is virtually automatic because Joomla displays items with the same keywords associated with the content.

In short, Joomla is one of the two or three leading open-source content management systems. It is as good as most commercial CMS platforms. It offers the flexibility and extensibility desired by most organizations. The add-ons facilitate bridging to an eCommerce application (such as Magento or Zen Cart), creation of customized data reports and unique product catalogues.

Joomla is in use by large companies with very busy and complex websites, such as Citibank, IHOP and Harvard University, and by small entrepreneurial start-up companies. It is used by people who sell content or products or services. Joomla is equally user friendly in handling documents, blogs, images, video clips and audio files.

Joomla is an excellent choice for the average business, non-profit organization, personal website or association. There are many outstanding Joomla website development experts who can answer questions or build a site to your specifications. Once the site is built, you will probably be able to manage ongoing administration with only intermittent assistance from your Joomla expert.

By: Craig HallArticle Directory: is a general manager at, on a daily basis I work closely with small business owners who are trying to navigate their way through the maze of business obstacles one must overcome in order to build a successful business. My days generally include conversations with entrepreneurs about web design approaches, internet marketing (SEO and SEM), how to determine if a business idea makes sense and how to brand and position a company for success.

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